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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2017 full episode written update: Pihu and Raman meet with an accident

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2017 full episode written update: Raman is taken under custody on the account of drunk driving.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | March 8, 2017 8:48:20 pm
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Ishita gets a call from an unknown auto driver who tells her that Pihu is with him. Ishita and everyone go to that place. The auto driver tells them that he found Pihu running on the road all alone and two goons were following her. The auto driver saved her and then called her. Ishita thanks him and takes Pihu home. She asks her about Raman and why she was alone. Pihu recalls that Raman’s car met with an accident when they were coming back to Mani’s house. Raman got injured and also unconscious. Pihu came out of the car leaving Raman behind, to get some help, but unfortunately two goons saw her and they tried to kidnap her. She ran and saved herself with the help of the auto driver. Ishita hugs her as Pihu is very scared. Ishita says that she is a very brave girl and then makes her sleep.

Ishita tells everything to Raman’s family. Ishita, Romi, Ruhi, Mani and Toshi, everyone run to find Raman. They find his car at the accident spot, but Raman is not there. A police van comes and tells them that Raman is admitted to the city hospital.


In the hospital, Ishita and Toshi panic when they learn that Raman is in the emergency room. Luckily Raman is fine, Ishita meets him and tells that Pihu is fine. She wants to know how they met with an accident. Raman says he doesn’t know how he lost control of the car.

In Mani’s house, Nidhi tries to scare Shagun over Pihu’s safety. She says that Pihu is lucky that she met a good auto driver, otherwise these days kids get kidnapped by strangers. Nidhi is smiling, she thinks that now no one can save Raman. She has planned such a thing that it will shake the foundation of Raman and Ishita’s relationship and leave them separated, and Raman will not be able to do anything. She calls someone to check whether the work is done or not.

The police comes to the emergency room to arrest Raman. They claim that Raman was drunk when he was driving the car. They say that the accident happened because of Raman and now the truck driver with whom Raman’s car got hit is in the emergency room. Ishita gets shocked. Raman says that it is a lie, he was not drunk. But, the police has the blood reports of him as evidence. Mani doesn’t believe him, he says that Raman has once again proved that he is an irresponsible father who put his daughter’s life at risk. Raman says that he is innocent and someone is trying to trap him. Romi defends Raman, he says that Raman was with him in the pub, but he only took a cold drink. The police inspector doesn’t hear any argument and takes Raman in his custody.

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There, another trouble is about to come in Raman’s way. The police who was inquiring about the Gulabo, have got the information from the Punjab police. They get to know that there is a kidnaper with a name of Gulabo in Punjab, she used to kidnap the kids and sell them off. Also, she is quite active in Delhi these days. The Delhi police get alerted and decides to investigate more about Gulabo aka Raman.

At the police station, Ruhi and Adi come to meet Raman. They blame Raman over his carelessness towards Pihu. Raman requests Ruhi to convince Ishita that he is innocent, he has not done anything but Ruhi refuses. Adi says that Raman deserves this. Romi slaps Adi and asks them to leave. Raman tells Romi that he felt giddiness while driving the car, he is doubtful that someone had spiked his drink. He asks Romi to arrange for immediate bail for him as he wants to prove he in not guilty.

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