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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2016 full episode written update: Ishita slaps Raman

Raman shouts at Ishita that she is worst than Shagun because at least Shagun left Ruhi when she was 6 months old.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi |
October 5, 2016 10:27:50 pm
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Ashok calls up Shagun and tells her about the reunion of Mani and Raman and asks her why she didn’t tell him. Shagun says that Mani doesn’t discuss official matters with her and tells him that Aalia must have left that restaurant as Mani was there.

Ashok reaches the restaurant when Mani and Raman were about to shake hands and congratulate them. Ashok asks them if this reunion is on the occasion of Aalia and Aadi’s relationship. Raman and Mani deny this. Ashok then tells them he just saw Aadi and Aalia at the same restaurant. Raman calls Aadi and asks him where he is. Aadi tells him he is at the office when Raman asks him to come to the restaurant. So does Mani with Aalia. Aadi and Aalia reach the restaurant when the waiter comes and says to Aadi and Aalia its good that they are back as he forgot his credit card there and he has given the card to Ishita. All of them stand there expecting an answer from Aadi and Aalia. Mani scolds Aalia and holds her hand and tries to take her home when Aalia pulls her hand out of Mani’s hold. Mani warns Aadi to stay away from Aalia when Aalia shouts at him and says that she loves Aadi.

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In the next scene Mani asks Aalia to stay away from Aadi but she doesn’t agree. Shagun tells Mani that he should not scold Aalia as she will become more resilient.

There at Bhalla house Raman says to Aadi that he is very proud of him and he is very happy that he is with the daughter of his enemy. Aadi hugs him and says that he is the best dad but Raman then says “but you are not the best son. You love the daughter of that man who took your sister away from us and using her against us”. Raman goes to his room and Ishita follows him. Ishita says he is not doing the right thing but Raman blames that she knew that Aadi and Aalia were supposed to meet at that restaurant. Ishita says that it was mere coincidence but Raman shouts at her.

Ishita says that Pihu is her daughter as well but Raman is behaving very bad these days. Raman shuts her up and says that Pihu is not her daughter, she left Pihu when she was 3 days old. He says that she is worst than Shagun because at least she left Ruhi when she was 6 months old. Ishita begs him to stop saying all that but he continues and says she is the worst mother and this is why her children are not close to her and Ishita slaps Raman. Ishita instantly realizes and apologises to him that she hit him by mistake as she got very angry. Raman again says that she is still the worst mother and leaves the room when Ishita shouts that he deserved the slap.

The next scene shows Mihika asking Romi to support Aadi as Raman is being unreasonable. Mihika and Romi go to Aadi’s room and console him that they will find out a way. Aadi asks them what is their fault, he says Aalia supported him when no one was on his side and she even went against her dad.

In the next scene everyone is having breakfast when Raman comes there. Aadi pushes his plate and leaves for his room saying that he is not hungary. Simi asks Raman to have breakfast but Raman says he is getting late and leaves for office.

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