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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 5th July 2017 full episode written update: Ishita gives honeymoon package to Aadi and Aaliya

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 5th July 2017 full episode written update: Raman (Karan Patel) calls Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) says Aadi is going on the honeymoon. She says Aaliya, Aadi agreed to go because Raman convinced Aadi. Raman feels relieved and thinks he got rid of a big burden. Aaliya assures that everything would be fine.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Updated: July 5, 2017 10:29:51 pm
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Mr Bhalla asks Raman why is he home early. Raman says he came to get a file. Mr Bhalla says everyone has gone out and asks him to have food with him. Shagun comes and asks where is Aaliya and Raman says she is out for some work. She gives sweets and tells him that Aadi is going to start his business independently. Raman says what nonsense. Shagun says launch was successful, Taneja offers two projects to Aadi, Taneja came to meet Mani too. Mr Bhalla says Aadi is working with Raman. Raman asks him not to worry, and takes Shagun with him.

There, Bala brings Pihu and Ananya home and asks about their day at school. He asks Pihu what happened to her, and if she didn’t like ice-cream. Pihu says she doesn’t want. She thinks to talk to Raman. On the other hand Shagun says to Raman that he should be proud of Aadi. Raman says Aadi has his father’s business, those people have no ethics, stop breaking our house. She says he is her son too and she knows what is better for him and says that Raman just wants credit. Raman says to her that she has lost her mind. Pihu comes there but Shagun asks her to go. He says its okay. She says I don’t have all day to discuss this with you. Shagun stumbles. She says I know you have pushed me, this is too much. He says you’ve really lost it. Shagun goes downstairs and says Raman has pushed me when I spoke about Adi’s career. Ishita says Raman can never do this, and adds that she is trying to break the relations. Aadi comes and hears them. Aaliya says Raman can’t do this. Aadi asks what’s happening. Shagun says Raman can’t control his future, he has hit me. Raman comes and says she’s gone mad, I won’t dignify her words by giving explanation, everyone knows what I can and what I can’t. Aaliya asks Shagun to leave. Shagun leaves.

In the next scene Aaliya asks Aadi did he go mad, how can he think so, why will Raman push Shagun. Aadi says you know papa’s anger, I am not saying he has hit her, Shagun is using this, don’t know when will papa change, I am worried. Ishita looks on and goes. He says when will things change. She goes to Raman. She says we have to do something of these daily fights. He asks her to go to Shagun and talk. She says I am talking of Aadi and Aaliya, we have to send them on honeymoon, they should go. He says his product is set to be launched recently. She says so what, he will get stress free then I can talk to Shagun, I don’t want her to manipulate Aadi, I want to keep Aadi away from Shagun. Raman asks her to try.

Its morning, Shagun calls on the landline. Ishita and Aadi answer on different lines. Shagun says Aadi I was trying your phone, is there anyone, I want to talk something important, sorry for all that, I just want you to prosper, you have much potential and should start independent business, even if Raman and Ishita don’t support you, Mani and I will support you, I am your mother and won’t give wrong advice. He says I need time to think. She asks him to grab the opportunities. He says I understand, but I can’t take decision in a hurry. Shagun says I hope you take right decision. Aaliya asks what happened. Aadi says his mother called and said I should seriously think about the deal, I don’t want to get distant from Raman’s business.

Raman says Shagun spoke to Aadi, so let him decide, Aadi came to me and did not hear my suggestion, sorry he has grown up. Aaliya asks Aadi to talk to Raman, ask him what he thinks. Aadi says he knows but he doesn’t say anything. She says maybe he is expecting you talk to him, he is your dad, you won’t get smaller if you go and talk, tell him you want to do business with him. He says I will talk to him at office, thanks for right guidance. Ishita says maybe he is confused, he does not know what to talk to you, will you help if he comes. Raman says yes, I will sort it out. Ishita gives tickets to Aadi and says its for honeymoon, you guys are going Goa. Aadi says but I can’t go now, there is much work post project launch. Ishita says I know, just go and resume work after coming back. Aadi says cancel this. Aaliya asks why. Ishita asks Raman to tell Aadi. Raman says children have grown up, tell Ruhi about meeting. He goes. Aadi says I can’t go. Ishita says children should remain the age as of Pihu’s age, as they listen to parents.

Next we see Pihu’s teacher calls Ishita. Ishita asks is Pihu fine. Ruhi comes and looks on. Teacher tells something. Ishita says fine, I will be careful, thanks. Ruhi asks what did she say. Ishita says she was saying Pihu is not doing homework and not being attentive, what happened to her, she said maybe something is troubling her. Ruhi says I had to tell something, she is behaving weird since some days, I will find out, don’t worry. Ishita says maybe she can be free talking to you, you have become like her mom. They smile.

Raman talks on phone and asks what, did you shift to service apartment, fine I will come for meeting there. Kiran gives him anti allergy tablet and says you can fall sleepy by this. Raman thanks her. Aadi comes and says I need to talk, I m really sorry, I did not take your name on launch, I did not had such intention. Raman says its fine. Aadi says Shagun said I should start my own business, Taneja said he will offer me new projects, I don’t want to do but… Raman asks what but. Aadi says you know everything, I m confused, tell me.

Raman says its simple, you are my son and I don’t want you to leave my company, then I thought I made my own identity, how can I stop you then, when Shagun said this, I got angry and then I thought why not, but Taneja and Roy are not good people, look for somebody else as investor, take money from me, not as a father, as a businessman, if I like your presentation, I will invest, I will be glad if you progress. Aadi says thanks. He says you go on honeymoon with Aaliya, Ishita booked the trip with love, take a break. Aadi agrees and thanks him. He goes. Raman says I will tell Ishita, she will be glad. He calls Ishita and says Aadi is going on honeymoon. She says Aaliya, Aadi agreed to go because Raman convinced Aadi. Raman feels relieved and thinks he got rid of a big burden. Aaliya assures that everything would be fine.

Ishita asks what’s the matter. Aaliya says I went to meet Shagun, she did not talk to me. Ishita says her anger is such, we will handle her, you do packing and focus on your happiness. Ishita says I promised her but its not easy to convince Shagun, I will ask Raman. She calls Raman. Raman is sleeping. Kiran sees the call and switches off the phone. She covers him Raman with the quilt. Ishita worries.

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