Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2017 full episode written update: Ishita saves Madhavi and gets Nidhi arrested

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2017 full episode written update: Ruhi and Adi are facing ego clashes. They both insult each other in front of all the family members.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: March 28, 2017 9:33:31 pm
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein pictures, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein stills Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2017 full episode written update: Bala apologises to to Ishita for his unreasonable and rude behaviour regarding Raman.

The episode starts where Nidhi is blackmailing Ishita to protect her from the Police, otherwise she will kill Madhavi. Ishita agrees and asks Nidhi to sit in her car’s dikki so that she can hide her from the Police and will drop her outside Delhi. Nidhi comes near the car, but suddenly Ruhi and Mihika come and throw red chilli powder at her. Nidhi starts screaming out of pain. Ishita gets the time and she injects a dose of poison into Nidhi’s body. Nidhi shouts what is happening. Ishita says that Nidhi has been poisoned and she will die in 10 minutes. Nidhi panics and curses Ishita. Ishita says that she did all this to save her mother, if Nidhi will tell her, how to defuse the bomb within 10 minutes, Ishita will give her the antidote. Nidhi is so horrified that she immediately tells the method to Ishita.

Ishita cuts down the red wire and defuses the bomb. Mihika and Ruhi untie Madhavi. Nidhi shouts at Ishita and asks her to save her now. Ishita smirks and says that she took the advantage of the situation, Nidhi was given a glucose injection. The Police vans come and Nidhi gets arrested. Ishita asks the Police to first let her interrogate Nidhi, why she killed her sister Vandita. She wants her mother to know that Nidhi was driving the car.

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Nidhi tells them that after the Holi celebration, she forgot her fake teeth and spectacles somewhere. When she went to Mani’s house, Shagun saw her without the get-up and she found that Trisha is Nidhi. She tried to catch her and during their scuffle, Nidhi pushed Shagun. Shagun fell and she started bleeding. Nidhi says that she was about to kill Shagun but, Raman came there and she ran away. Ishita gets horrified and asks about Shagun and her baby. Nidhi says she doesn’t know what happened to Shagun. She found Raman’s car in the parking area and through a pen’s clip she managed to open the door. She was driving in a hurry and mistakenly hit Vandita. She had no intentions to kill her. Ishita, Mihika and Madhavi start crying. Madhavi curses her. Ishita says that Nidhi is the worst lady she has ever met, one who doesn’t have a heart. The Police come and takes Nidhi under their custody. The police compliments Ishita and says that because of her they are able to solve this case.

Ishita hugs her mother and says that she was sure that Raman cannot do such a thing with a family member. Madhavi apologises, but Ishita asks her to not feel guilty. They all return home. Madhavi takes Ishita to her house. Vishwa and Bala are worried for Madhavi. Madhavi comes and tells them about the whole incident. She tells them that Nidhi had abducted her and Nidhi is the one who killed Vandita. Madhavi says Raman and Ishita are innocent, they had nothing to do with Vandi’s accident. Madhavi also tells them that Nidhi tried to harm Shagun too. Ishita wonders how Nidhi found Shagun at Mani’s house as Shagun had gone to her friend’s place. Ishita calls Aaliya and she gets to know that Shagun is safe at her friend’s house.

When Mr. Bhalla and Adi get to know about the incident, Mr. Bhalla says that he is proud of all the ladies and specially Ruhi who saw Nidhi kidnapping Madhavi. She did not panic and informed Ishita and everyone about it. Adi irks and says yes, she is very intelligent, she has informed everyone but not her brother. There, Bala says sorry to Ishita over his unreasonable and rude behaviour. Ishita says that their time was not good. Bala feels guilty that he blamed Raman and also says that he is proud of Ishita that she didn’t doubt Raman even once. Ishita says that she is only worried for Raman, she knows that he is also dealing with some problem.

There, Adi and Ruhi get into an argument. Adi shouts at her and says she purposely did not inform him. Ruhi always tries to prove that she is smarter than everyone, so to get the appreciation she put everyone at risk. Ruhi shouts and says they did not have enough time to inform anyone, moreover, she is not bound to explain anything to Adi. Adi says that he was worried for them and he doesn’t want any of his family members to face any danger. Ruhi says that she is a smart and independent woman and she is good enough to take care of herself. In fact, she has proved that she is sometimes better than Adi to handle difficult times. Ishita and Bala hear the voices so they come into the living room. Ishita is shocked to see her two adult kids fighting like cats and dogs, and insulting each other. She tries to stop both of them, but they shout back at her. Both Adi and Ruhi go to their rooms.

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