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Friday, October 23, 2020

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2017 full episode written update: Nidhi reaches Mani’s house

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2017 full episode written update: Raman takes Ishita for a coffee date. Toshi pushes Raman to express his love to Ishita and bring her back.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | February 22, 2017 11:53:28 pm
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In the first scene, Raman is seen talking to Romi, who asks him to come office urgently as Toshi is shouting and expecting Raman to be in the office. Raman, who is in Gulabo’s get up, hurriedly leaves for the office after dropping Shagun to her house. Nidhi calls Mani to inform that Aaliya is travelling with Adi to Chennai. She warns him to stop Aaliya otherwise she will be in danger. Mani is shocked to know that Adi was also going, he says that he will not let them go.

Toshi and Ishita find earrings and bangles in Raman’s office desk. Toshi suspects Raman is having an affair with another woman. Raman enters and Toshi asks where he was. Raman says with the client. Toshi scolds him. Raman says that he was genuinely busy in the meeting and Ishita is the one who left the house, so why Toshi was scolding him. Toshi confronts Raman about the ladies jewellery in his desk. Raman gets scared and lies that it is being kept by his secretary Shweta. He scolds Shweta in front of them and says Ishita and Toshi should not feel so dirty about him. He is the father of three kids, he doesn’t have time and age to have an affair.


Toshi smiles and leaves with Romi, Raman asks Ishita for a coffee in the restaurant. Ishita agrees and goes to the washroom to get ready. She is blushing and feels strange that why she is so happy. Raman also wonders how Ishita immediately agreed. Raman gets a call on his Gulabo’s mobile. Ruhi calls Gulabo to check where she has kept Pihu’s history notebook. Just then, Toshi enters and takes Ishita’s name. Ruhi hears it and wonders how come she heard her dadi’s voice from Gulabo’s house. Toshi and Romi come to know about their date, they wish Raman luck.

Mani calls Aaliya and angrily asks her to come back home. Aaliya is scared, she thinks that something happened to Shagun. Adi says not to worry.

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Raman and Ishita are sitting in the restaurant. Ishita expects sorry from Raman, but Raman is thinking about something else. He thinks, whether he should tell Ishita about Mani and his acquaintance with Nidhi or not. He decides not to give unnecessary stress to Ishita. Ishita is firm that she will first make Raman feel guilty for his behaviour on their anniversary day. Only then she will start the conversation with him. Just then, Aaliya calls Ishita to check what happened to Shagun, why Mani was shouting at her on the phone. She requests Ishita to come there as Aaliya will not be able to handle Mani’s anger alone. Ishita leaves.

In the next scene, Mani shouts at Aaliya. He says why she is bringing Shobhana to Delhi when her health is not good. Also, the terms between Shobhana and Shagun are not good, he doesn’t want any mess in this house. Aaliya says she is organising a puja for Shagun and that is why she has invited Shobhana. Mani says that Madhavi can also do the rituals and Aaliya should have asked Mani before booking the tickets. Ishita comes there and says she has given the permission to Aaliya. Mani rudely says that he is the head of the family and he will not accept anyone making decisions in his house. Raman comes back home. Toshi asks about the date. Raman says Ishita had to leave so he was not able to spend time with her. Nidhi comes to Mani’s house in a poor condition. Mani is shocked to see her guts, she has reached Mani’s house.

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