Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2017 full episode written update: Shagun comes to Bhalla house

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2017 full episode written update: Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) shift to Iyer house. She says Ashok shouldn't get to know about Shagun's condition or else she'll again create some problem and they have just 30 days to prove Raman's ( Karan Patel) innocent.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: July 20, 2017 9:09:49 pm
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Ishita consoles Raman that they’ll have to deal with Shagun in order to prove him innocent. Raman asks what will they tell about her to Shagun and Ishita says she’ll stay at her mother’s house.

Bala and Aadi bring Shagun home. While in compound, Shagun says this doesn’t seem to be Ashok’s house. Bala tells her that they couldn’t reach Ashok so he brought her to Raman’s house. Shagun thanks them and tells them that they can go. Aadi and Bala follow her to Bhalla house. Raman meets them in the corridor and Shagun says Aadi and Bala brought her here. Raman says they are neighbours. Ishita is peeking from the door meanwhile.

Raman takes Shagun inside and Santoshi and Mr Bhalla welcome her. Although Santoshi isn’t willing to talk to Shagun, they try their best to be polite with her. Santoshi asks her to rest while she’ll get her turmeric milk. Shagun walks into room and looks at her wardrobe. She asks Raman how her sarees are here when she had shifted to Ashok’s house. Then she says she must have left them here and Raman didn’t threw them as he isn’t over of her yet.

Shagun gets irritated looking at all her pictures with Raman and keeps asking about Ashok. Raman says his phone isn’t reachable and he has left a message for him to call back. Ishita, Ruhi, Aadi and Mihika are at Iyer’s house. Ishita says Ashok shouldn’t get to know about Shagun’s condition or else she’ll again create some problem and they have just 30 days to prove Raman innocent. There Santoshi brings turmeric milk for Shagun and she asks her why is she acting so sweet to her. Santoshi says the milk is good for her brain but Shagun says she doesn’t trust her, she might have added something to the milk. Raman keeps on signaling to Santoshi to be normal.

Shagun goes to kitchen and starts yelling at Neelu and asks her to not enter the kitchen as she doesn’t cook well. She asks Raman to hire a trained chef and Raman says this is her house and all will be according to her. She says if it is so then why hasn’t Santoshi handed over the keys to her yet. Santoshi says she’ll get the keys.

Raman asks Shagun to calm down and goes to Santoshi. He asks her to trouble Shagun as she used to do at that time or else it’ll create doubt in her mind. Santoshi says she was being polite in order to prove him innocent but now watch how she treats her. There at Iyer’s house Ruhi and Roshni come and Ruhi says that they should arrange a prayer ceremony for Mani as Roshni reminded her about the same. Everyone agrees and they arrange a ceremony at Iyer house and Roshni asks Aadi to call Aaliya. He tries but her phone isn’t reachable.

Priest asks about the “gotra” of Mani and Ishita asks Aadi to call Aaliya and ask her where she is when they see Aaliya at the door. She tells them that they need not do anything for her father as she had done the prayer when it was supposed to be. She creates a scene and picks Mani’s photograph while Madhu pleads her to let the prayer ceremony complete. Aadi shakes Aaliya and says why can’t she see that Raman didn’t kill Mani and Shagun will tell the truth once she is good.

Aaliya asks if he was present there then. Aaliya asks them to not do these fake favours for her father and leaves. Roshni goes after her and tells her that Aadi loves her and he is doing all this for her while Aaliya asks her to stay out of her personal matters. Ishita comes out to the corridor and tells Roshni doesn’t have a right but she does and she won’t let her live alone at Mani’s house and takes her in by holding her arm. Aadi apologizes to Roshni on Aaliya’s behalf.

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