Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20 September 2017 full episode written update: Ruhi slaps Romi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20 September 2017 full episode written update: Raman (Karan Patel) asks Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) to choose between him and Ruhi, and she chooses her daughter. Ruhi is misunderstood by both Raman and Adi.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: September 20, 2017 9:23:50 pm
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Madhu goes to Mata Rani’s idol and says she didn’t expect the day would end like this and prays to bless Ishita. Ishita’s voice in the back ground says she isn’t able to believe that all this is happening with her on the first day of navratri and she questions why everything like this happens to her. Is it because she is a woman or she is wife or is it because she is a mother. We see Raman asking her to chose between Raman and Ruhi and she chooses Ruhi. The flashback goes 24 hours ago when Ruhi is yelling at Ishita, and Aadi comes there and asks her to mind the way she is talking to Ishita and Ruhi yells at him too and asks him to not interfere when he doesn’t know the complete story. Aadi says he need not know anything but no one can talk to his mom like that. Ruhi says how can he forget the time when he talked to her like this and asks him to back off and get lost, Aadi is about to slap her but Romi stops him and asks him to go to his room. Romi tries to talk to Ruhi but she misbehaves with him too and goes to her room.

Ishita tries to talk to Raman and tells him to a least listen to her, but Raman says he can’t let her be with that man and says he hates that man and leaves the room. There Romi tries to talk to Ruhi and makes her understand to not create any scene at this festive time and they’ll all make Raman understand. Ruhi agrees with him and says she won’t spoil the festival.

Next morning, everyone is ready for the aarti and Ishita tells everyone that the “jot” should burn throughout the 9 days and Mr Bhalla asks her if she has called Raman for the aarti. Ishita says it’s a festival and he need not be given special invitation. Raman comes there when aarti starts. Raman asks Neelu to get him tea and when Ishita gives him prasad he doesn’t accept. Next, Ishita tells everyone that every year Santoshi gets clothes for everyone so this year she has got them red clothes and as she is about to give it to Raman, but he pretends to talk on a phone and says he doesn’t need this fake drama and he knows her well. Ishita tells Neelu in a loud voice that she is keeping Raman’s clothes here and he can wear them if he wants.

Next, everyone is ready for Mata ki chowki and Pandit Ji asks Madhu for some chunris when Ruhi comes there and asks her what is the matter. Madhu tells her and she says she’ll go and fetch them from a nearby store, Aadi comes there and says he’ll get them but Ruhi asks Madhu to tell him that she’ll go as this is 2017 and there is nothing a girl can’t do. They both start arguing and Madhu calms them down and Ruhi leaves saying she is going. Raman asks her where she is going and Aadi says she is big enough and asks him to ask her himself. Raman asks him to answer and he tells him she has gone to get chunris when he said he can go and get them. Raman taunts Ishita and tells Aadi that these mom and daughter can’t be wrong.

Ruhi reaches the shop and finds it closed. She goes to another shop and gets wet in the rain. There, Raman is getting tensed about Ruhi as it’s too late and asks Romi if she is back, he says not yet and tells her phone is not reachable too, he says he’ll go and check nearby.

There Ruhi’s car breaks down when Nikhil comes there and sits in her car and hugs her. He tells her he was worried as he couldn’t connect to her phone and Ruhi tells him that she was nearby and her phone’s battery got low. Nikhil asks her to leave the car and he’ll drop her on his bike. She agrees and says she is already getting late. They both leave on his bike.

There Romi couldn’t find her anywhere and goes back and tells Raman. Raman calls Aadi and tells him that Romi couldn’t find her and chowki is about to get over so they need to go and find her. Aadi asks him to stay back and goes with Romi to find her.
As Romi and Aadi sit in the car Ruhi reaches there with Nikhil. Romi and Aadi see her when she hugs Nikhil and they both get out of car. Aadi tells her now he knows why she was adamant to go because she wanted to meet him. Ruhi shouts at him and says he shouldn’t speak when he doesn’t know the truth. Aadi asks her to shut up and Nikhil asks him to a least let her speak. Aadi asks him to get lost as he is talking to his sister.

Romi asks Aadi and Ruhi to go to the hall and not to create scene there, but Ruhi tells Aadi that he can’t talk to Nikhil this way. She asks Romi to tell him the same, but Romi asks Aadi to take her to the hall and he’ll talk to him. Nikhil tells Romi that her car broke down, but Romi says he has heard enough and he can go now. Nikhil asks him to listen to him, but Romi asks him to leave when Nikhil pushes him by mistake. Romi loses his balance and Aadi runs towards them and pushes Nikhil to the car and starts hitting him. Nikhil also hits him back and Romi joins Aadi. Ruhi tries to stop them but in the chaos she slaps Romi.

Next, Ruhi reaches the hall and Ishita asks her what’s wrong and she says she’ll tell later when Aadi comes there and asks her to tell Ishita now. Romi asks them to not create scene in front of guests but Aadi says it doesn’t matter. Raman comes there and asks why they both look like they have fought with someone. Aadi tells him that Ruhi was with Nikhil while they all were worried for her. She was roaming around with him and she also slapped Romi. Ruhi asks him to stop lying and Raman asks her to shut up and asks Romi if it is true. Romi says she did it by mistake.

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