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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2016 full episode written update: Raman gets angry with Shagun for not caring for Pihu

Vidyut helps Pihu meet Shagun at the mall. Shagun is looking forward to meet Vidyut again

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | November 19, 2016 9:55:26 pm
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Simmi and Vandu have an argument over car parking. Simmi has to rush for work so she wants Bala to move his car, parked next to her car. Vandu doesn’t want to wake up her husband so she asks Simmi to take Bala’s car. Their argument gets serious. Vandu says to Simmi that you have no husband, you won’t understand how a wife feels for a hard working husband. Simmi gets pinched. Seeing their mother fighting Ananya and Shravan decide to make the two patch-up.

In Adelaide’s shopping mall, Raman and Ishita are crossing each other repeatedly, but they do not notice each other. Shagun too comes with Pihu to the same shopping mall without knowing that Raman is around. Ishita is in a chocolate store to meet Vidyut but Vidyut has left one more clue there. He asks her to board a tramcar first. He asks her to enjoy playing hide and seek with him before they meet.

Shagun asks Pihu to try few dresses and then carelessly leaves Pihu alone there. Pihu gets scared and roams around looking for Shagun. Shagun comes back to Pihu but finds that she is not there. Shagun too runs outside to search for Pihu. Pihu is lost. Just then she collides with Vidyut, who is also present at the mall. Vidyut takes Pihu to the mall’s announcement centre to hand over lost Pihu to her mother. Shagun comes there after hearing the announcement. She gets surprised to see her old friend Vidyut there. Vidyut too is surprised. Vidyut tells Shagun that she has maintained herself very well and he is surprised to see that she is the mother of such a big girl. Shagun doesn’t want to be introduced as a mother of Pihu. So, she lies to Vidyut, she introduces Pihu as her friend’s daughter. She says that she is just taking care of her in Adelaide. Vidyut tells her that he has some work right now, but asks her to meet again sometime. She agrees and leaves.

Pihu gets upset with Shagun’s lie. She confronts her. Shagun fools her by saying that Raman too knows Vidyut and she doesn’t want Raman to know about their Adelaide trip. There are chances that Raman gets to know from Vidyut. Raman just appears there. He starts arguing with Shagun. He is very angry over Shagun’s carelessness. He tells her to give him Pihu’s custody if she can’t take care of her. He is also upset about Shagun’s secret trip. Shagun gets irritated and tells that Pihu is her daughter and she will never give her to Raman. But, Shagun agrees to leave Pihu with Raman for the weekend. She has plans to meet Vidyut and she wants someone to babysit Pihu.

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