Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2017 full episode written update: Nidhi confronts Raman and Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2017 full episode written update: Nidhi finds that Pihu is being kidnapped by the fake Gulabo and is drugged.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: March 17, 2017 10:00:08 pm

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Nidhi pulls Raman and Ishita out of the water tank and brings them inside the house. They both are intoxicated and have lost their senses. Nidhi asks directly about her brother and what plan they have to trap her. Raman and Ishita laugh at her. They are so out of their senses that they are not able to realise that Nidhi is standing in front of them. Raman complains to Ishita that Trisha is not a good woman. Ishita scolds her and tells him to stay away from her husband. Nidhi is irked, she feels it is impossible to dig out any secret from them as they have completely lost it. She leaves them.

The undercover police finds Trisha outside the Bhalla house. A cop asks Trisha who she is and what she is doing in the Bhalla house. Nidhi introduces herself as Trisha and says she has come to drop Raman and Ishita. He gets convinced. Nidhi hears him calling to his fellow agents that things are okay here. Nidhi is now doubtful that Ishita has any contact with Suhail. She thinks that Ishita’s plan is failing. Ishita cannot trap her like this.

Shagun comes to Mani and asks him to take her home, she is not feeling well. Mani wants to take Trisha along and waits for Trisha to come. Trisha asks him to leave without her, she will come later. Pihu gets a call from the fake Gulabo, she asks her to come outside the premises. Pihu finds it weird, she thinks why Raman wants to meet her outside. She decides to go and meet Raman, Nidhi sees Pihu going somewhere. She follows her and finds that she is meeting a stranger who is in the get-up of Gulabo. The kidnapper Gulabo offers Pihu a chocolate laced with sedatives. Pihu realises that he is not Raman and plans to go back. The kidnapper says he has been sent by Raman to pick up Pihu, her father has planned a surprise party somewhere else. Pihu is so intoxicated she believes in him. He calls his friend to bring a car in which they could take Pihu away. Pihu starts feeling sleepy because of the chocolate she had. The kidnapper is irritated as his friend gets late in getting the car. So, he makes Pihu sit and take rest and runs to get the car. Nidhi smiles, she knows that Pihu is getting kidnapped.

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There Raman and Ishita are in their own world. They sit in the bath tub and assume that they are flying a plane. Completely unaware of outside happenings, they enjoy the post bhaang effect. Adi is also in the trance of romance. He tries to spend time with Aaliya alone. He asks Aaliya to kiss him. Aaliya runs away, Adi follows her to catch her. Aaliya runs outside the lawn and finds Pihu sleeping on the chair.

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