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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2017 full episode written update: Raman gets to know that the new nanny is not behaving well with Pihu

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2017 full episode written update: Poonam is not a good nanny. In front of everyone she behaves very nicely with Pihu, but at the back she scolds and hurts Pihu.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Updated: February 15, 2017 9:32:09 pm
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Toshi finds Raman sad and depressed. She asks him about it. Raman is sad after getting rejected as a caretaker of Pihu. He lies to Toshi that his client meeting did not go well after such a good presentation. Toshi consoles him and assures that everything will be fine in both his personal and professional life. Next morning, Toshi shares her concern about Raman with Romi. She wants to know why Raman went without taking breakfast and why he was so sad last night. Romi says that it was just work tension and Raman will come out of it. He avoids mentioning the Gulabo episode in front of her.

Raman meets Abhishek and says that his fate is bad. He lost the chance to meet his children. Abhishek suggests him to look for a solution rather that getting upset. Raman gets the idea, he says that if he will offer better salary to Poonam, she will definitely opt out of Mani’s house. Raman thanks Abhishek and leaves. He is happy that now he will get the job.


Poonam reaches work before time. Ishita gets impressed. Poonam asks Ishita about Pihu’s likes and dislikes. Ishita is going to wake up Pihu, just then Shagun complains about acidity. Poonam asks Ishita to take care of Shagun and says that she will wake up Pihu and will also get her ready for school. Ishita says that Pihu doesn’t like anyone waking her up. Poonam says not to worry, she will become Pihu’s friend. Poonam looks little mischievous, she notices the camera attached in Pihu’s room. She acts sweet to Pihu and wakes her up, but Pihu refuses to get up. Also, Pihu dislikes the breakfast Poonam has made for her. She even refuses to study history from Poonam. Ishita gets worried and scolds Pihu. Poonam says that Ishita should give more time to Pihu, and in a few days, Pihu will start liking her nanny.

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Ishita asks Poonam to drop Pihu to school as she has to take care of Shagun. Poonam drops Pihu, but when Pihu demands to get picked up by Ishita from school then Poonam loses her patience. She shouts at Pihu and also pulls her ear. Raman sees Poonam hurting Pihu, he warns her and asks her to be nice with his daughter. Poonam reacts differently, she calls the school guard to stop Raman from meeting Pihu. She warns Raman that if he will say anything to her then she will complain about him to the school authority and Ishita.

Param inquires about Gaurav’s dependence on astrology and also about his superstitious nature. Gaurav doesn’t like Param’s interference in his personal life. When Param calls panditji for the minister’s work, panditji’s assistant lies to Param that he is not available for some days. Actually, Gaurav has bribed panditji’s assistant and also told them that Param is a dangerous guy. Gaurav smiles and says now Param can’t use his panditji against him.

Ishita is feeling guilty after scolding Pihu in the morning. She goes to the school to meet her. Ishita finds red marks on Pihu’s hand and ear. Pihu is so scared that she tries to avoid the conversation. When Ishita insists, Pihu hugs her and cries.

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