Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 December 2017 full episode written update: Kidnapper sends Pihu back in a refrigerator

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 December 2017 full episode written update: Ashok reaches Bhalla's house and asks Simmi where is Ishita. He says he knows she and Param are behind all this.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: December 13, 2017 8:52:33 pm
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Ishita is looking for Pihu in the godown. Mani and team reach home where the guard tells them that Ishita was in a hurry and was baffled and stood in the middle of the road. She has gone to Shah industries in Greater Noida. Mani and Shagun wonder why would she go to the industrial area and Mani says he’ll go there. Aaliya hopes they find Pihu.

Raman reaches the location tracked by the police but finds it to be a false alarm again. There Ishita shouts for Pihu and knocks at a door and hears some vague voice of Pihu. She breaks the door open and finds her sitting on the chair all tied up and unconscious. Ishita unties her and a man in mask with red gloves comes and injects something into her neck and she falls unconscious on the floor.

The man takes out a pistol and loads bullets into it. He picks an injection and goes near Ishita and removes his glove. There Madhu is praying while the diya blows off. She gets scared and calls Mr Iyer and shows her the diya. He consoles her that it must be because of the wind.

There the man picks up a knife and keeps it and picks the pistol again. Mr Iyer lights the diya again with shaking hands and Madhu asks why is his hands shaking and she gets up and says she’ll call Ishita and Mr Iyer tells her she isn’t home and tells her that she has gone to the clinic.

Ashok reaches Bhalla’s house and asks Simmi where is Ishita. She asks him how dare he enter their house and he says he knows she and Param are behind all this and they have Ishita and Pihu. Param and Santoshi come there and Param throws him out while Ashok keeps asking Santoshi to ask Simmi what is she doing with Raman. Param shuts the door and Simmi and Param steal a smile.

There some people come to Iyer’s house to deliver a refrigerator while both Mr Iyer and Madhu keep on telling them that they haven’t ordered any. The man with the red glove is waiting outside the house and when the delivery is done he gets into the elevator. When he is getting down from the elevator Raman, Bala and Romi get in while Raman happens to collide with him and drops his phone. Raman picks his phone and gets into the elevator.

Raman, Bala, Romi, Mihika, Shagun, Aaliya, Mani and Aadi reach Iyer’s house where Madhu and Mr Iyer tell them that someone came there and made a forced delivery of refrigerator. Raman says how can someone deliver when we haven’t ordered. He asks Mr Iyer if the man was wearing a red glove and Mr Iyer says yes.

He says he collided with that man and they all ask to open the refrigerator. As they open it Pihu falls out from it still unconscious. They wake Pihu up and Shagun tells that the man they met at the jeweller also told them that the man who gave him the bracelet was wearing a red glove too. Raman says he sent Pihu but Ishita is still with him and goes out to catch him.

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