Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 full episode written update: Raman comes to know about Mani’s connection with Nidhi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 full episode written update: Raman comes to know about Mani’s connection with Nidhi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 full episode written update: Raman is planning to work at Mani’s house as a lady governess so that he can meet his daughters and also keep an eye on Mani.

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Raman plans to work at Mani’s house as a lady governess to keep an eye on her.

The episode starts where Raman is sitting with Abhishek and discussing about Ishita and Mani’s dominance over meeting Pihu and Ruhi. Abhishek says that Raman’s behaviour was also not good and Ishita did the right thing but Abhishek’s fiancé Divya says that Mani’s behaviour is suspicious, Mani is doing wrong. That, makes Raman recall about the phone call Mani received that day, which Raman mistakenly picked up. He says he is also feeling that Mani’s behaviour is disturbing.

Ishita tells Shagun about Mani’s decision. She says that Mani should have asked her before restricting Raman. He is being unfair to Raman. Shagun takes Mani’s side and asks Ishita to support Mani’s decision. She says that Raman is childish and Mani is right. Pihu tells Ishita about the help she need in a history subject at school. Ishita promises Pihu that she will take her to Raman’s office daily as Raman can teach history better. Mani hears her and commands Ishita not to take Pihu to Raman. When Ishita disagrees and says that she will not stay in Mani’s house anymore, Mani realises that he should not be so rigid with Ishita. He requests Ishita that he needs her in the house to take care of Shagun. Also, Raman will not realise his mistake if Ishita herself takes Pihu to meet her father. Mani tries to make Ishita understand the situation, he just wants Raman to be more sensitive and sober for other people. Ishita says that she needs someone to teach history to Pihu. Mani says that he will appoint a governess who will take care of the kids and will also help Pihu in studies. Ishita agrees.

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Param comes to the Bhalla house to help Ananya with her school project. The Bhalla family hesitates a little but for Ananya’s happiness, they do not stop Param. Just then, Gaurav also comes and tells everyone that he wants to take Ananya for a movie as he promised Simmi that he will take care of Ananya in Simmi’s absence. Ananya denies to go as she has to finish her project with Param. Param warns Gaurav to stay away from Ananya. Gaurav leaves.

Nidhi calls Mani to remind him about the task he has to do. She again threatens Mani. Ishita calls Raman to tell him about the governess she and Mani are planning to appoint for Pihu. Raman gets annoyed, he bursts out of anger and utters some demeaning words for Ishita. He blames that Ishita wants to stay with Mani that is why they are facing Mani’s dominance. Ishita gets hurt, she says this is the thing which she cannot tolerate. She wants Raman to use the words sensibly, he always treats Ishita badly. She puts down the phone. Raman realises his mistake, but he is unable to find out why Mani is behaving so indifferent.


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Next morning, Raman sees the advertisement for a lady governess in the newspaper, which is given by Mani. Raman reads it and gets angry. Romi tells Raman about the details of the bogus company in which Mani has invested. He tells Raman that it is Nidhi’s company. Raman is shocked, he says that now he can understand why Mani is behaving so weird with him. He doubts that Nidhi must be pressurising him to do so. Romi asks Raman to confront Nidhi and Mani. Raman says that if Nidhi gets to know about it, then she will change her plans and she can be more dangerous, so they should do something else to understand what she is planning to do this time. Romi suggests Raman to disguise himself and go to Mani’s house as a governess. Raman agrees and he goes to Abhishek’s house to meet Divya. He asks Divya for help. He tells her about the plan. Divya is a make-up artist, she is ready to make Raman look like a lady governess.