Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2017 full episode written update: Ishita gets arrested for drinking and misbehaving at restaurant

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) gets arrested for drinking and misbehaving at restaurant.

Written by Mehak Arora | Updated: July 1, 2017 2:24:26 pm
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In the first scene Ishita insists Madhu and Santoshi to take her to the restaurant where Raman, is as she wants to meet him.

There, Shagun asks the journalist to make sure that her party is the most talked about event of the town. Ishita, Santoshi and Madhu enter the restaurant and start shouting for Raman. The manager comes and says that Raman has left. Ishita sits down on the floor and says she’ll not leave until Raman comes. Santoshi asks them to bring alcohol and journalist makes a video of them. The manager calls the police who arrests the three of them. Ishita starts crying loudly creating a scene.

Raman says to Kiran that he will drop her. She topples and Raman holds her and they both get awkwardly close. He says he has to talk to Ishita as there are a lot of missed calls from her. Kiran says it’s too late now, she must have slept. Raman says he knows his wife won’t sleep without talking to him. He gets a call from the police officer. He thinks it’s a prank call and hangs up. He tells her that Ishita doesn’t even touch alcohol. Inspector calls him again and tells him that this is not a joke. Ishita, Santoshi and Madhu start shouting. Raman recognises their voice and rushes to the police station. Raman reaches there and gets shocked to see Madhu dancing, Santoshi sitting on the cupboard and Ishita sitting on the fan. He asks the inspector to bring them down somehow. Ishita starts singing. He asks if he can make a video of her. Police officer scolds him and asks them to control his family members. He brings Ishita home. She says ‘I love you’ to him. He gets in a romantic mood but she sleeps. Next morning, Aaliya tells Ruhi that Ishita is sleeping and asks her to help her as she needs to send Ruhi and Ananya to school. Shagun asks Mani if the newspaper has come. He asks why is she so eager to read the newspaper today. She tells him that the journalist has promised her a front page coverage of the event. She tells Mani that it’s going to be the biggest party of the year but they won’t invite the Bhallas as they didn’t invite them too. Mani asks her not to stretch the matter. Shagun gets upset to see the Bhallas on the front page and her news in a corner.

There Raman jokes about the news with Aaliya and says there are three celebrities in his house. Aadi sees the newspaper and gets furious. Aaliya tells Aadi that it wasn’t Ishita’s fault. Aadi tells her that this is not funny, all this will have an impact on his image. Aaliya tries to calm him down. Aadi doesn’t pay heed. Raman shows the newspaper to Ishita and makes fun of her. She feels embarrassed. Raman asks her to chill and leaves for office. Taneja calls Aadi, Aaliya picks it up. He starts saying wrong things about Ishita. Aaliya asks her to mind her tongue and scolds him for judging her mother. Ishita over hears her conversation and comes and apologizes to her. Aaliya says it was not her fault and asks him to not worry.

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