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VJ Anusha Dandekar writes open letter about spat with Kishwer Merchant

VJ Anusha Dandekar slams Kishwer Merchant and her husband Suyyash Rai, calls the reaction to her tweet 'racist'.

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VJ Anusha Dandekar and TV actor Kishwer Merchant’s word war.

The online spat between model and VJ Anusha Dandekar and TV actor Kishwer Merchant is showing no signs of let-up. VJ Anusha recently found herself amidst a controversy with her friends Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai. And now, the recent post of the VJ, which is a long letter says, “To my loves, I guess I have stayed quiet long enough. And the undying support & love is forever appreciated from the bottom of heart.” The letter further says, “Being born in Africa, raised in the UK & mostly Australia, I have actually lived most of my life in my motherland, it’s funny anywhere I ever go or have lived, coming back here always makes me feel safest & at ease. So the fact that anyone made this about racial discrimination just because I have a different accent, isn’t that racist too? In this 10 sec video we laughed at WHAT he was saying, it was nothing to do with accents, or English. When we mimicked him, again it was about WHAT he was saying!”

It so happened that Kishwer posted a fun Insta story with her friends Rahul Sharma and Gurneet Chadha. Anusha trolled the two for their weird English accent along with her friend VJ Gaelyn in a video that she shared on her Insta story. And this is how this fight started.

Check VJ Anusha Dandekar’s full post here:


Earlier, as Kishwer came across Anusha’s video insulting her friends, she could not refrain from taking a dig at the video jockey and had posted, “VJ Anusha nt everyone is from Australia and nt everyone has tht accent .. but they are my friends and they have a good heart.. unlike u and vj gaelyn who are sitting and making fun of two people on ur insta story u dnt even knw #disgusting.”


Kishwer’s husband Suyyash Rai had also slammed Anusha for making fun of the accent of their friends. Suyyash wrote, “U guys probably well educated and have probably studied and stayed abroad all ur lives its juss that my frns r tooo desi to have that accent…n unfortunately that guy is from punjab too just like @kkundrra AND je lodh payi metho vadda desi labna v nai…GROW UP.” Suyyash, who is a close friend of Anusha’s boyfriend Karan Kundra, didn’t fail to tag him in his post. He even mentioned how Karan has a desi Punjabi accent, unlike Anusha’s Australian accent.

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As soon as Kishwer and Suyash’s post went viral on social media, VJ Anusha clarified her stance on the entire incident as she replied to Suyyash’s post saying, “It was a video we found really funny, we wouldn’t make fun of anyone, it wasn’t meant to be offensive! @suyyashrai.”

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Suyyash, who was in no mood to let go of the issue easily, wrote, “@vjanusha he is childhood frn n she is my sister i guess i have all d right to get offended. And making fun is not d problem…m sure we all do…we dont put it on social media…where millions of people follow u… u make fun of hindi accent… india is where u have made ur career here in India and how good is to make fun of the accent right… and seriously? Instead of feelin sorry u r still justifying wat u n that chic did ?”

But now, Anusha Dandekar has finally responded to both Kishwer and Suyyash with the new post. Also, in an interview to Bombay Times, Kishwer recently said, “That video wasn’t in good taste. They weren’t commenting on random people and their accents, it was a reaction to my insta story.”