Vikram Bhatt’s new web shows Gehraiyaan and Spotlight are bound to grab attention. Watch videos, pics

Vikram Bhatt’s new web shows Gehraiyaan and Spotlight are bound to grab attention. Watch videos, pics

After Maaya, the first look of filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's new web shows Gehraiyaan and Spotlight out, and they promise intriguing storylines.

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The first look trailers and posters of Vikram Bhatt’s new web show Gehraiyaan and Spotlight are sure to create inquisitiveness and excitement.

The first look posters and trailers of filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s next two web shows Gehraiyaan and Spotlight are out. Vikram Bhatt made news when the trailer of his erotic thriller Maaya released online in January. Maaya, which starred Shama Sikander, marked the debut of Vikram Bhatt on the digital platform. And now, his next two web series – Gehraiyaan and Spotlight, are ready for release. Their trailers and posters were launched on Friday.

“The First look trailers and posters released on Friday are sure to create a sense of inquisitiveness and excitement about these shows. Both the shows have very unique stories and the trailers and posters give you a hint of just what’s in store for you,” Bhatt said in a statement. The two shows will release on March 31 on Viu, the video on demand service of Vuclip.

Vikram Bhatt took to Twitter to share the two new posters. He tweeted, “Striding ahead in the world of web series, Viu and me!”

Gehraiyaan is a horror series starring Sanjeeda Sheikh and Vatsal Sheth, and directed by Sidhant Sachdev. It is a love story that unfolds between a 26-year-old researcher Reyna Malik, at a Mumbai hospital, and her surgeon beau Shekhar, amidst mysterious and dark occurrences in her house. Reyna has just moved to Mumbai after taking a short career break. She is very eager to get back to work – to surgery, her first love. But because of a trauma she endured before the break, the hospital is not sure if she is ready to take up new assignments.



Spotlight, on the other hand has been directed by Suhail Tatari. It is a fictional biopic of a Bollywood starlet featuring Tridha Choudhury along with Sid Makkar. Spotlight brings forward the irony of darkness in the world of glamour, where biggies are always seen in the best of smiles and star studded appearance. It looks like a show that promises to bring forward the grim reality behind the lights, camera and action.


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Spotlight and Gehraiyaan have unique plots and the posters and trailers leave a hint of everything that is in store for the viewers, said Vikram Bhatt.

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