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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Vikas Gupta’s brother Siddharth Gupta on Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11: She is mentally unstable

Vikas Gupta's brother Siddharth talked at length about Vikas' stint in Bigg Boss 11, his "feud" with Shilpa Shinde and the infamous Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai controversy. He was also asked on Vikas' sexuality questions and if it will affect him when he is out of the show. Read all Siddharth Gupta shared.

Written by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: October 13, 2017 3:47:18 pm
Vikas Gupta, Vikas Gupta Shilpa Shinde, Shilpa Shinde, bigg boss 11, Siddharth Gupta, Vikas Gupta Shilpa Shinde, vikas brother Siddharth Gupta Bigg Boss 11 contestants Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde reportedly had a huge fight after the actress left the show in March.

Only one week of Bigg Boss 11, and there is plenty of drama and fights in the Bigg Boss house already. TV actress Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta, who was the programming head of &TV when Shilpa Shinde was doing Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, are among the contestants who are always at each other’s throats. The two reportedly had a huge fight after the actress left the show in March. However, their tiff doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon as their war of words are only increasing by the day. In fact, their differences have gone to such an extent that Bigg Boss fans have begun calling this season “Vikas vs Shilpa”.

We got in touch with Vikas Gupta’s brother Siddharth, who talked at length about Vikas’ stint in Bigg Boss 11, his “feud” with Shilpa and the infamous Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai controversy.

Here are excerpts:

Q. Who do you think is most responsible for Vikas’ outburst?

Shilpa Shinde

Q. If given a chance to enter the house, what would you tell the contestants?

(Laughs) I don’t know if I should answer that.

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Q. Vikas’ sexuality has been questioned. Do you feel all this will affect him when he is out of the show?

Well! If he leaves the show right now, then it might. But now since he is there and being strong, and has become the caption of the house, I am sure he will come out of the house stronger. The fact is we, as a family, have gone through a lot with whatever was happening with Vikas. It was a very emotional journey for us also. Knowing the kind of person he is, I really feel bad as I was on a guilt trip because I was the one who pushed him to go to the Bigg Boss house. I have been a fan of Bigg Boss, but this time around it has turned really dirty. If you have seen the episodes, it’s gone very very bad. These people have nothing to lose, but Vikas, this boy, has really worked very hard to reach where he has reached today. The kind of controversies they have created around him, it takes away from the hard work he has put in. It is very saddening. Even if they are calling him gay I have no problems. I don’t think that will go against him. And what he is or what he is not is his statement. If I had an opportunity then I would like to tell him to not react. But if he doesn’t react then that’s not him. He is a dominant personality, and he has been cornered by these people who are cheap. I am not going to single out names. They all have double standards. Maybe they are getting TRPs and content but all this at the cost of someone’s mental state. I felt he was mentally harassed, which was not good. But now since I have spoken to a few friends and have seen some reactions of people, he has come out as a hero. The nation’s rooting for him, people feel for him and find him very sensible. Something positive has come out of it eventually. He is a nice person and has carried himself with dignity. He is a very dignified person. Seeing him right now, I am in a better space. I was not in a good space a few days back. I was really really angry.

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Q. Your mom was suffering too because of Vikas’ plight in the house.

Yes, she was not in a good shape too. I spoke to her in a certain way to make her feel better. But otherwise, she was having panic attacks. She was like why did you have to send him. I want my son out of that house, and all that. She also felt like those guys were cornering him.

The show has really been unjust. For a week, the content came through Shilpa and Vikas’ fight, and Shilpa really poked him all week, but Salman (Khan) didn’t speak to her. There was no conversation between him and Shilpa. No word at all. So that I thought was a little disheartening. I was hoping Salman would speak to her and ask her to stop it. Also, she broke out of the jail and went and put her footwear next to his head when he was sleeping. That was very very derogatory, and she was putting down a person. Doing this to a person who is sleeping is globally very very bad. It is not about one culture-two culture. It is bad in every culture. There was no action taken against her.

Q. Do you regret his decision of going to the Bigg Boss house?

Not anymore.

I think once he is back, he is going to value life, friends, and family more. After all the experiences, you come out as a better person, because this is testing his patience to the next level, and we’ve been brought in a way that we were taught how to behave with a woman. We come from a decent family. And you can clearly see that he has not misbehaved with anyone, no matter how mad he was. He has never spoken out of turn. I know he is a very strong person, and he is definitely going to come out stronger.

Q. Did Vikas ever have issues with Shilpa Shinde. Has he spoken about it before?

Yes, he had spoken about it, not personally, but in general about how there were issues with a famous actress Shilpa Shinde and the production house where he was a channel head. Whatever lies that she has been telling is her story. Vikas has met her only once when he had to put out all the formal details about the contract between her and the production house. Basically, she had a problem with the production house. He is the programming head of the channel. He directly or personally doesn’t have any issues with her. So obviously if the production house is, again and again, complaining about her, then he has to talk to her in a meeting where she will have to choose to either work on the show or leave as per the terms. She chose to leave the show. Nobody kicked her out as she is saying. There is no personal vendetta there. I think she has just one horse, and she is riding on that for the content and the attention she is getting. Obviously, she is mentally unstable, which you can clearly see.

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