Veena Malik husband abused, assaulted her but she is ready to forgive

Veena Malik husband abused, assaulted her but she is ready to forgive

The court accepted Veena Malik’s divorce plea and issued a decree last month validating the divorce between the couple.

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Veena Malik got married in December 2013 and have two children, Abram and Amal.

Pakistani actor and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Veena Malik was in the news recently for getting divorced. The actor filed a plea seeking divorce in the Lahore family court in the first week of January and the court accepted Veena’s plea and issued a decree last month validating divorce between the couple. Now reports suggest that Veena’s husband of three years, Asad Khattak, abused and assaulted her. On Tuesday, in a Pakistani television show, ARY News programme 11th Hour, Veena Malik claimed that her husband had physically and mentally abused her.

According to many Pakistani media reports, the host of the show, Waseem Badami invited Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak on the show to try and reconcile the estranged couple. He also invited Maulana Tariq Jameel to act as a pacifier between the two.

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When Asad apologised to Veena in front of many people, the actor refused to forgive him and said that she cannot forget two things, “First, that he (Khattak) beat me; second, that he disrespected me… not once, but repeatedly.” At this, the Maulana intervened and asked Veena to forgive him when he is guilty of his actions. Initially, Veena preferred to stick to her decision but on further persuasion, she agreed to give her husband a second chance but only on court’s approval.


Meanwhile, Asad Khattak has been trying his best to get back Veena in his life. He has been sharing some lovey-dovey posts on his social media account.

Check out the tweets here:

Earlier it was reported that Veena and Khattak had been living separately for the last three months. The one-time model and actress, Veena reportedly wanted to join showbiz but Khattak had been insisting that she should take care of their two children, Abram (2) and Amal (1).