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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Time to get active: This year, four-wheels to roll on Roadies sets

In city for the Chandigarh auditions on Monday and Tuesday, Sushil and Rannvijay share their reasons for being Roadies.

Written by Jaskiran Kapoor | Chandigarh | Published: December 1, 2015 3:43:42 am

Along with two new faces, MTV Roadies X4 will also let four wheels roll in the show bidding goodbye to its signature element, the bikes.

“That’s right. This season, the contestants will be driving sports utitlity vehicle, Renault Duster, instead of motorcyles that have been an integral element of Roadies for 13 years now,” said the show’s judge and gang leader, Rannvijay Singha.

While Karan Kundra returns once again as a gang leader, the other two gang leaders are Neha Dhupia and Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar.

In city for the Chandigarh auditions on Monday and Tuesday, Sushil and Rannvijay share their reasons for being Roadies.

“I feel no dream is out of reach. I am here to encourage the youth to be active, to lead a disciplined and fit life. Roadies is one such platform where we can connect with sports and sporting attitude,” said Sushil.

From a contestant to host to judge and a sought after gang leader, adventure junkie and sports enthusiast Rannvijay’s name has been synonymous with Roadies. This season will have many new adventures. “We are not going to reveal the destination, but it is going to be as thrilling and exciting and contestants will be driving SUVs. The idea is to make them sit together in a space and see if they can forge bonds, are talented and entertaining, can understand depth and the dynamics of this connect,” said Rannvijay.

Bikes and cars, are secondary for Rannvijay. “It’s the journey that counts. The situations one finds himslef in, the tasks one faces, the challenges and obstacles one overcomes – that’s what Roadies is all about,” added Rannvijay.

Working on his annual Rocksport Challenge (a race) and another show, Squad Rann, that will go online soon, Rannvijay said his aim is to inculcate a sportsman spirit and encourage fitness among youth through such programmes. “What is the point of being the youngest nation with the largest youth population if that youth is full of ailments? Young people are getting sick at the age of 30, 35 owing to sedentary lifestyles, junk food, couch surfing. If it’s a Sunday, you are supposed to go out, play sport, indulge in adventure activity. We are doing that through Squad Rann, shooting interesting activities that involve lot of exercise and fun and uploading them,” he said.
Olympian Sushil Kumar back in action

Sushil Kumar, who has won two Olympic medals for the country, is hopeful of securing gold medal this year. In Chandigarh on Monday as one of the four gang leaders of MTV Roadies, he said he is fit and focusing on his training. “I am in full form and have recently returned from Georgia after extensive training programme,” he said. Sushil feels with the changing scenario and increasing opportunities in wrestling, Indian wrestlers will no longer have to struggle to make a mark for themselves. He praised the government’s initiatives to promote sports and mentioned wrestling league that will give exposure to wrestlers in India.

Talking on his physical fitness, Sushil said he was not 100 per cent fit last year. He could have gone for the world championship last year, but it was not about him or Narsingh, but about “the country and he would not have been able to give his 100 per cent”.

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