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Here’s everything you should know about Marvel’s The Punisher

Marvel's The Punisher is streaming on Netflix. The story of a vigilante assassin was being keenly awaited and with 13 episodes in the Season 1, The Punisher looks like a promising series.

The Punisher's 13 episodes are on Netflix Marvel’s The Punisher is streaming on Netflix.

Marvel’s The Punisher released all their episodes on Netflix on Friday and have ensured that their fans have the perfect binge-watching dose for the weekend. The Punisher aka Frank Castle also appeared in the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil. Fans were desperately waiting for Netflix to come up with The Punisher since then and their wait is finally over.

But who is The Punisher?

In the comic books, The Punisher first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man comic book way back in the 1970s. Introduced as a vigilante assassin, he was established as the superhero who has no regrets or hesitation when it comes to killing the bad guys. The superheroes back then weren’t this dark or edgy and hence, The Punisher’s fan base expanded. It wasn’t until 1986 that he got a comic book all to himself and went from a supporting character to a lead character. His costume, black and white with a skull painted on his chest, is darker as compared to other superheroes who dress up in brighter colours.

The Punisher is the definition of an anti-hero who operates alone and his morality is usually not in alignment with the other superheroes of the Marvel universe. Even though he is a superhero, The Punisher has no superpowers. His intricate knowledge of weapons, because of his Marines background, extraordinary strength, high threshold of pain and intricate planning makes up for the lack of superpowers and that is why he can survive explosion and multiple gun wounds that can otherwise kill a regular human being. Over the years, he has appeared in crossover comics with Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil and even Batman.

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The Punisher's 13 episodes are on Netflix Still from The Punisher’s trailer.

How did he become The Punisher?

Frank Castle was a top-notch soldier with the US Marines and was posted in Vietnam during the war but he was a dedicated family man as well. After he returns from the war, Frank dedicates all his time towards his wife and two kids until his world comes crashing down. During a picnic in New York, Franks’ entire family is killed in front of his eyes in a mob shootout and now his motive is to seek justice. He is depressed and even turns suicidal and follows every legal course to seek justice for his family. Soon, he realises that the system is corrupt and takes matters into his own hands. That is when he becomes The Punisher.

Since Frank has no superpowers, he plans every detail of his missions. His detailed knowledge of weaponry and his extraordinary strength are his only allies. He has the ability to undergo surgery without any anesthesia and can take hits from other superheroes as well.

The Punisher's 13 episodes are on Netflix Still from The Punisher’s trailer.

Expectations from Marvel’s The Punisher


Jon Bernthal reprises his character as The Punisher from Daredevil. In the trailers of the show, one can see that he uncovers a larger conspiracy in trying to seek justice for his family. Frank is shown as the guy who is angry, damaged, tortured and is looking for a way to exact revenge on those who killed his family and has no regrets about the same. The government agencies are involved in this cover up as well and The Punisher knows that whatever he has to do, he is going to do it alone. The violent acts he commits are all justified in his head and for him, it is the only way to seek justice for his dead family.

The 13 episodes of Marvel’s The Punisher are already streaming on Netflix.

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