The Kapil Sharma Show: Super Dancer 3 judges have a blast on the sets

The Kapil Sharma Show: Super Dancer 3 judges have a blast on the sets

The Super Dancer judges Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu will be in their elements on The Kapil Sharma Show. The episode featuring the trio will air tonight at 9:30 pm on Sony TV.

super dancer 3 judges on the kapil sharma show
Super Dancer 3 judges Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu pose with Kapil Sharma.

After hosting Gully Boy actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, Kapil Sharma will welcome Super Dancer 3’s judges– Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu– on The Kapil Sharma Show tonight.

The trio share a great camaraderie and the same will be witnessed by Kapil, his team and the audience. The Super Dancer judges would be in their elements and their fun banter will continue in the chat show as well. Shilpa Shetty will take the opportunity to reveal Anurag Basu’s secrets, share health tips and even look for a suitable alliance for Geeta Kapur.

Anurag Basu’s mistaken identity

Anurag Basu will reveal that after he started judging a dance show, people assumed him to also be a choreographer. The filmmaker will share that he has had people coming up to him asking about his dance school. Anurag will also say that one of the current contestants of Super Dancer still believes that he is a choreographer.

Anurag Basu with Bharati Singh on The Kapil Sharma Show
Anurag Basu with Bharti Singh on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Gatecrasher at Kapil’s wedding


Kapil Sharma tied the knot on December 12 in Jalandhar with Ginni Chatrath. Talking about his wedding festivities, Kapil revealed that there was a man, who came on all his functions and while greeting Kapil, kissed him on his cheeks. The comedian will reveal that he had no clue who this man was. To teach him a lesson, an irritated Kapil intentionally nudged him with his elbow, leaving him in pain. To Kapil’s relief, the man did not repeat his action again.

Prankster Anurag

Shilpa Shetty will reveal that unlike Anurag’s serious image, he is actually quite a prankster. The actor will share how he recently added salt in her tea. He also tends to fidget with her dress and remove all the beads and sequins. Everyone present will burst into laughter when Shilpa will reveal how Anurag once messaged Shamita from her phone saying that she is expecting. Shilpa will share that Shamita really got excited over the news.

super dancer 3
Super Dancer 3 participants performed on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Suitable alliance for Geeta Kapur

While Geeta has been lovingly nicknamed Geeta Maa, Shilpa will reveal that she is still Ms Kapur. And it’s high time that they find a ‘sundar tikau ladka’ for Geeta. She will ask eligible bachelors to send them their details for the alliance.

Shilpa’s ‘chai pravesh’

Chandan Prabhakar will get back on the show this weekend. The comedian will be seen setting up a new tea stall ‘Chandu Chai & Coffee’. Making the most of the opportunity, he will make Shilpa Shetty do the inauguration of his tea stall in a rather unusual way. Instead of a regular ribbon-cutting ceremony, he will make her kick a glass of tea as part of ‘chai pravesh’.

anurag basu super dancer 3
Anurag Basu is one of the judges on Super Dance 3.

Watch the judges of Super Dancer 3 indulge in some fun on The Kapil Sharma Show on Sunday at 9:30 pm on Sony TV.