Sunil Grover leaves Kapil Sharma for Krushna Abhishek and as fans, our hearts are breaking

Sunil Grover leaves Kapil Sharma for Krushna Abhishek and as fans, our hearts are breaking

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma's big spat led to Sunil quitting The Kapil Sharma Show. While Kapil continued to apologise, Sunil stayed quite about his return. Now, it has been confirmed that Sunil is set to arrive with a new show tentatively titled Comedy Company, with Krushna Abhishek.

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Sunil Grover was a part of Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma and The Kapil Sharma Show, ever since its conceptualisation.

Weekends won’t be the same. How could they be when it has just been confirmed that our favourite actor-comedians — Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover — have finally and irrevocably severed the umbilical chord. It is official now that Sunil is set to join Kapil’s arch rival Krushna Abhishek to launch a new show, tentatively titled Comedy Company. Are we happy to have Sunil back on television, or are we sad that this report has resurrected the fact that Sunil and Kapil will never be seen together again? Ever since that infamous fight, we knew this day was coming but we hoped against hope that Sunil and Kapil will bury the hatchet, kiss and make-up. We, the comedians and their numerous fans, will be one happy family again as they give us post-dinner guffaws every weekend at 9 pm. Alas, it was not to be.

Just before March this year, The Kapil Sharma Show had a dream team and a monopoly. It not just stayed glued at the top of TRP ratings, but even in the hearts of its loyal audience who made it a point to switch on their TV screens every Saturday and Sunday to get their weekend dose of laughter. Then something uncalled for happened midair between two of the most favourite actor-comedians of India and the nation ended up taking sides — you were either Team Kapil or Team Sunil. What followed were rumours, speculations and a big round of public apologies. While Kapil tried his best to get back Sunil back, the latter was in no mood to forget and forgive.

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Sunil Grover hung around with Kapil Sharma when the latter had a fallout with Colors.

Much has been spoken and written about how The Kapil Sharma Show has lost its sheen ever since Sunil Grover left. Kapil has tried to rope in a lot of new faces, but failed to hold back the audience. The show is struggling for survival, literally. It fell out from top 10 race sometime back. The gags look stale and bland. Even Kapil looks visibly weak and tired, as if he is done persuading Sunil. While we want to sympathise with him, we somehow can’t as we know he was at fault, at least that’s what has been projected.

Sunil has now chosen his side. And this side leads him to Krushna – the same actor who replaced Kapil when the comedian and his team packed up their Comedy Nights With Kapil from Colors and change base to Sony channel. That was the time when Sunil stuck with his then good friend in the crisis. Now, many are raising eyebrows as to why Sunil chose Krushna, when he could’ve easily gone solo with his new show. Maybe this is because the ghost of his previous show Mad In India, which he did alone following trouble with Kapil, failed to leave any mark on the small screen. But lets remember that Kapil’s show also faced major drop in viewership when Sunil broke away from him and did Mad In India, and it was saved only after he returned. Now, Sunil is set for a comeback with a full army, which also includes his fellow actors Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra. Will he pass with flying colours?

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A still from the original show Comedy Nights With Kapil, before it shifted to Sony channel.

The loyalists of Kapil Sharma’s blockbuster show swear by the smooth camaraderie Sunil and Kapil shared on screen. From teasing and taunting to filling for each other, or any goof-up on the stage which only provided more laughter, the fact remains that these two were a hit pair, even better than any lead couple of a soap opera. Sunil might be senior to Kapil in terms of time spent in the industry, but Kapil’s show and the character of Gutthi, Rinku Bhabhi and Dr Mashoor Gulati made Sunil. Cut to Kapil, and his show got the best ratings when Sunil was in his elements. The way he performed in the Dilwale special episode, colouring himself all red and brown, is a case in point. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan was so impressed that he hugged Sunil without bothering that Sunil was covered in colour.

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A still from the Dilwale special episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil when Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol came as guests.

Taking note of this give and take relationship, and how both Sunil and Kapil are incomplete without each other, one can only wonder how they will fare when pitted against each other on the TRP chart. Many called Sunil’s decision to quit, a wise one. They felt it was high time he gave it back to Kapil and all the times he was humiliated behind the scenes. However, there is a bigger chunk of audience who still long to see them together, and feels they cannot survive without each other. Many are still hopeful, so are we!