Sunil Grover brings Dr Mashoor Gulati to Delhi, ignores Kapil Sharma completely. See pics, videos

Sunil Grover brings Dr Mashoor Gulati to Delhi, ignores Kapil Sharma completely. See pics, videos

Actor-comedian Sunil Grover came down to Delhi to entertain his fans, along with co-actor Kiku Sharda. But, he thoroughly avoided speaking anything about his ongoing spat with Kapil Sharma.

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From Dr Mashoor Gulati to Rinku Bhabhi and even Gutthi, actor-comedian Sunil Grover donned all his famous characters to make the Delhi audience laugh.

It wasn’t like any other Saturday, even as the plummeting temperatures of capital New Delhi couldn’t deter hundreds of Delhiites who, despite standing in long queues outside the Talkatora Indoor Stadium for hours, had just one thing in mind – to find a place that gives them the best view of the stage. No, there was no Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan coming to entertain this enthusiastic audience of Delhi. It was their much more favourite, Dr. Mashoor Gulati aka Sunil Grover, who was in the city to tickle their funnybones, that too on the day that is dedicated to laughter – April 1.

It was the best Sunil Grover could give to his massive fanbase, after weeks of staying in news and playing hide-and-seek with them. The actor-comedian brought his comedy clinic to Delhi to treat his admirers who were missing his hilarious ECG and blood tests, but at the same time wanted him to talk about his co-star Kapil Sharma and the infamous spat with him. To the disappointment of many, Sunil refrained from commenting anything on the ongoing controversy. But, what he gave the audience instead, will remain in their memories for a long long time.

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Sunil Grover got on the stage in his signature style, picking his character of Rinku Bhabhi at first. He was joyous and received a huge applause from the massive crowd that had gathered to catch his glimpse after a long time. “It is so good to meet and greet people who are not talking about any controversy, otherwise I was tired of hearing the same questions for last few days,” said Sunil, who was accompanied by his onscreen partner-in-crime and co-actor from The Kapil Sharma Show – Kiku Sharda.


Sunil also left the audience in splits as Dr. Mashoor Gulati and later, as his most famous avatar of Gutthi. Yes, Sunil did all that he could to bring a smile on the faces of everyone, but many surely missed his funny banters with companion Kapil Sharma.

Check out some pictures from Sunil Grover’s performance in Delhi.

Sunil Grover
Photo by: APH Images
Photo by: APH Images
Photo by: APH Images
Photo by: APH Images

Meanwhile, the organisers of the show who had planned this event days before the two friends had a brawl, were interestingly pleased that the fight happened. Talking to, the organiser of the show, Rajat Taneja said he was happy about the entire Kapil-Sunil fiasco as it made Sunil Grover, a national hero, and thus making his Delhi show, a super hit even before it commenced. “I have benefited from the Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight. People were missing Sunil on television so they are here to catch up with their favourite comedian,” said Rajat Taneja.

By the end of the show when a few members of the audience shouted Kapil Sharma’s name, Sunil ignored them and signed off by saying, “The sole reason I am here is to meet my fans as you get a chance to see us on TV but we never get such an opportunity ever.”

He also clicked a selfie with the crowd in the background, and promised to tweet it. “I will post this picture on Twitter tonight. Kabhi Kabhi achi cheezein bhi daalni chaiye Twitter pe (Sometimes, we should also post good things on Twitter),” Sunil said.

Check out some videos of Sunil Grover as he performed in Delhi.

Well, there is no need to explain what he meant to say by this statement. His recent tweets for Kapil Sharma are still fresh in the memory of his fans. We hope to see Sunil Grover back on television, real soon. Delhi already misses him!