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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Sourabh Raaj Jain on Mahabharat’s rerun: It’s a great time to dwell into its philosophies

Sourabh Raaj Jain on Mahabharat's rerun, the lockdown and more.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: April 23, 2020 10:02:19 am
mahabharat Sourabh Raaj Jain as Lord Krishna in Mahabharat.

Joining the long list of reruns, Star Plus has also been re-airing its magnum opus drama Mahabharat. The show with a talented ensemble was much loved by fans, and broke many records with its high ratings. Sourabh Raaj Jain, with his portrayal as Lord Krishna, connected with the masses and is still remembered for his performance.

In an exclusive chat with, the actor opened up about the comeback of Mahabharat, and how it’s helping him to stay positive during the lockdown.

Excerpts from the conversation.

What was your first reaction when you got to know Mahabharat will be re-airing on Star Plus?

I was really happy about it. In fact all of us are now watching it together every evening. With most of us, since we are busy shooting, we don’t get to see our work. Now that we are all home, it feels special to watch your shows with your family.

The earlier Mahabharat is also on air, and so are many past shows. Do you feel it’s a great opportunity to revisit these iconic serials?

Honestly, all of them did wonders when they were on air, and so most channels wanted to garner more viewership with the reruns. And I think it’s a great time to dwell into philosophies. So it’s always a beautiful experience to watch these shows.

Mahabharat got you a lot of acclaim, how did things change for you post the show?

I think Maharbharat was the turning point of my career. If not very smoothly, my career did move in a much better way. I will always be thankful to Star and Swastik Productions for giving me this opportunity. Yes, the drawback was that most producers then wanted me to play a similar character. But I was particular that I won’t repeat myself, and thankfully I stuck to it.

One learning from Lord Krishna that stayed with you even after the show.

There are many to be honest. Even before I took up the show, I always used to think why was there a smile on Krishna’s face in all his photos and sculptures. While shooting for the show, once, I remember, my mind cleared my doubt automatically. Krishna always says that whatever may be the hardship or obstacle, you can pass it with a smile. This is such an important lesson, especially in the current circumstances.

The team shot for a long time and was quite close-knit. What’s the current equation between all of you?

Lot of us are still in touch. Pooja and I did Mahakali together, and we are thick friends. With television, once you move to another project, you tend to lose contact but we do keep messaging each other. Also, now that I am watching the show, and like a scene, I text them immediately. So we are somewhere still all connected.

Times are uncertain with no surety of when work will resume. How do you keep yourself positive right now?

Mahabharat helps, especially Krishna’s gyaan (laughs). Although I have been part of the show, believe me, till now when I watch it, the teachings manage to inspire me. Also, most of us started working soon after college, and never got to spend time with family. I have shot back-to-back shows with outdoor schedules, and so missed many moments of my babies. I am spending a lot of time with them, and that keeps me positive.

Since a lot of shows are making a comeback, do you have a wish list too?

I would be on top of the world if Remix comes back. I wasn’t playing a central character in it but it was my first show. It brought me to Mumbai and will always be special. Mahabharat, Mahakali and Mahadev are already re-airing, and now I think Chandragupta Maurya should also make a comeback. Then most of my shows would be on television once again (laughs).

What do you think will change in the industry post the lockdown?

Honestly, the first thing in my mind is that safety of people is much more important than entertainment. Life is most valuable, and until the situation calms down and it’s safe to go out, I don’t think restrictions would be lifted. Also, since there is no vaccine till now, things will be difficult. We are all home bound and repercussions are bound to happen, not just in our field but every industry. The economy will suffer. It is the time we sort out our priorities well.

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