Sony’s Peshwa Bajirao will go beyond love story of Bajirao-Mastani, say makers

Sony’s Peshwa Bajirao will go beyond love story of Bajirao-Mastani, say makers

Peshwa Bajirao is an upcoming show on Sony, which traces the journey of Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao I.

Peshwa Bajirao will trace the events in Bajirao's life beginning from his childhood.
Peshwa Bajirao will trace the events in Bajirao’s life beginning from his childhood.

The audience fell in love with the saga of Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao I and his second wife Mastani in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic Bajirao Mastani. So, it would have been natural for the makers of upcoming television show Peshwa Bajirao to cash in on the success of the 2015 film, but they have decided not to restrict the show to a love story but explore all the aspects of Bajirao’s eventful life.

The show, which will air on Sony from next week, is touted as the biopic of Bajirao, tracing his journey of becoming one of the greatest Indian warriors. “The brief given to us was a biopic so, like a biopic, the show will cover all aspects of Bajirao’s life — the war and his personal life,” the show’s creative producer Nilanjana Purkayasstha said. “We will show the so-called love story of Bajirao Mastani but it will be just a part of the bigger story that we have. The show is not a love saga. It is about all the aspects of Bajirao’s life, of which the love story is one small part. We will treat it like that,” added the director.

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The show might not be inspired by the movie but child artiste Rudra Soni, who is playing young Bajirao, admitted he observed Ranveer Singh carefully to enhance his own performance. Rudra and Ranveer, in fact, share a history as the 14-year-old actor played the Bollywood star’s son Nanasaheb in Bajirao Mastani.

“I took inspiration from Ranveer Singh, but not in terms of how to play the character but the dedication and hard work that he put in bringing the character live on screen. Rest, I followed the director’s instructions,” Rudra told reporters. Besides its subject, the historical drama has been in the news for casting actor Pallavi Joshi, who is returning to television after 12 years.

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The veteran actor, still remembered for her moving performances in shows like Imtihaan and Alpviram, said she took some time to adjust with the grind of a daily soap. “This is my first daily soap, so, when I began shooting, it felt as if I was hit by a storm. The drill of a daily soap is very different.”

Pallavi will be seen playing Tarabai, the mother of Shivaji II. As much as she finds it difficult to play the tough Tarabai, Pallavi admitted that the character gives the feminist in her immense pleasure.”This character is quite challenging. Tarabai is totally opposite to who I am in real life. In fact, my director has to keep reminding me that Pallavi you cannot smile, you have to keep a smirk on your face! Also, most of my scenes are with men, where I am running them down. So, the feminist side of me gets really happy shooting for the show,” she said.

Peshwa Bajirao also stars Siddharth Nigam, Manish Wadhwa, Anuja Sathe, Raza Murad and Super Dancer contestant Dipali Borkar, who will be seen as Bajirao’s first wife Kashibai.