Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25 May full episode written update: Veeren helps Ballu in hiding his secret

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25 May full episode written update: Veeren helps Ballu in hiding his secret

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25 May full episode written update: Harman (Vivian Dsena) pampers Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) in the morning by bringing her bed tea.

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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25 May full episode written update: Veeren plays a double game by helping Ballu.

Harman wakes up next to Soumya and is regretting the time wasted on sleeping when he could’ve spent all that time just admiring her. Chintu refuses to eat when his mom pesters him. He lashes back by asking if she has ever listened to his requests of visiting Sonia ma’am. This is when Varun comes in and Chintu walks out in anger.

Varun tells her that he saw Balvinder Jiju (Ballu) with his father and worries about it. She angrily asks him if he’s right but Varun claims to be telling the truth and that he also saw Balvinder giving money to his father. Ballu enters and asks what’s happening when Chintu’s mom tells him to return the money that she gave him in the morning. He returns some cash but only half of it. She asks about the rest of the money and yells him to tell the truth about Ballu. Ballu starts worrying when Veeren Chacha Ji enters and gives some cash to him saying that he’s returning the money that he borrowed. Ballu thanks him and gives it to Chintu’s mom. Varun feels disappointed and apologises to Ballu for his error. Ballu asks Veeren Chacha ji how he found out that Ballu only gave half the cash to his father. He replies by saying that he knows Ballu too well for these things and he’ll take care of Varun.

Varun ponders as to why did Veeren Mamaji save Ballu and thinks that its possible that the two are working as a team. Mamaji then goes to Varun and deliberately tells him that he was right about Ballu meeting his father. But advises him to not tell anything to his elder brother as the atmosphere in the house is already pretty tense, and leaves. Varun is relieved to know that Veeren mama is not working with Ballu and Veeren overhears him.

Kishen calls Veeren to thank him for the payment from Ballu when he asks him to be cautious when meeting Ballu. Kishen says that he’ll do something about Ballu but Veeren asks him not to. Harman brings bed tea for Somya and she greets him good morning. He asks if she knows why he’s brought tea for her. She replies that it’s one of his pampering antics that never stop. Mallika comes in and says that she knew the kind of job Harman has taken up in the movies but she never said anything thinking that he’ll always be safe. Somya gets upset again for nobody ever shares anything with her. Mallika calms her down and asks for a cup of tea instead.


Surbhi is happy about how the whole film unit came to help convince Somu Di the day before when her Dadi enters. She says that people would’ve shamed her if they knew that she was a transgender. She says that the whole world will know that Somu Di is actually a transgender and they’ll accept her with this identity. The whole society will also accept the transgender community with full respect. Her father tells her to dream within their world of reality. God has made these people to be different than the other humans and it is always supposed to be this way. Surbhi explains how their mother always supported Somu in their family and if only more and more people like her in the society exist, the thinking will improve and stereotypes will be removed.

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The cops bring the goons to Harak Singh, who were responsible for burning down Harman’s house. He slaps them hard and warns for acting as his enemy in his area. Preeto asks about where he was when Harak Singh comes back and she sees that he’s stressed. She asks what’s wrong but he ignores and tells her to stop asking questions. Harman has saved some money from his earnings and gives it to Soumya for safekeeping. She refuses but he says that Preeto has always told him the wives are supposed to take care of the family’s wealth as a tradition. He then proposes that he’ll take her out for dinner, to make up for the cancelled plan yesterday.