Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, 21st April 2017 Written Update: Preeto wants to kill Soumya’s child

Excerpt: Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, 21st April 2017 Written Update: Preeto drags Soumya out of her house

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: April 21, 2017 9:59:33 pm
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Kishan Lal comes to Harak Singh’s home to talk about business. He asks Balvinder why he having sweets when he was asked to come home. He hands over his property business to Balvinder and asks him to make sure that he has no share in the property. He asks Balvinder to sign the paper. Raavi tells him to sign the papers and she says that her father has 10 times more property than him. Balvinder signs the papers. Kishan Lal says that from now on he has no relation with his son.

Balvinder looks helpless. Maninder comes to Soumya’s room and asks her about Surbhi. Soumya says that Surbhi only asked them to adopt a baby. She says that they are still searching for Surbhi. Maninder says that he knows where she is. He says that Surbhi lost everything and now she is in her maika. Soumya tells this to Harman. Maninder says that Harman knows everything. Soumya asks Harman why he lied to her about Surbhi? Maninder goes on saying that Soumya used to say that Surbhi’s life is in you, then how could you do this to her. Surbhi asks Maninder why he told Soumya about her whereabouts.

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She then tells Soumya that she is safe and fine and asks her to let her live her life. Naani says to let Surbhi live her life according to her wish and Maninder to also understand the same. Preeto overhears everything and gets angry. She says that she will end the root cause of every problem. Preeto pulls Soumya out and asks her to leave the house. Harman asks Preeto to leave Soumya. To save Soumya, Harman pushes Preeto. She says that she will kill Soumya’s baby. Harman replies by saying that no one can even touch his baby and if anyone did, he will burn the house. Harman and Soumya go on a long drive. They listen to old songs and have a good time. Meanwhile, Preeto is searching for orphanage papers. She says that now she will see how a transgender’s baby will stay in this house.

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