Sasural Simar Ka actor Dipika Kakar slams the government for demonetisation, see pic

Sasural Simar Ka actor Dipika Kakar slams the government for demonetisation, see pic

Sasural Simar Ka actor Dipika Kakar feels Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move of demonetisation was not the right way to fight back black money.

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Sasural Simar Ka actor Dipika Kakar has written an Instagram post reciting her inconvenience due to the demonetisation policy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mammoth decision of currency demonetarisation might have found support in the entertainment industry, but there are still some artistes who think the move is just not right. While actor Arshad Warsi has so far been the only name from Bollywood who expressed displeasure about banning of Rs 500 and 1000 rupee notes in the Indian economy, television actor Dipika Kakar has now expressed her dissatisfaction.

Dipika aka Simar from the popular daily soap Sasural Simar Ka has written a long Instagram post relating her experience.

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Dipika took to her Instagram page and shared a picture of the newly launched Rs 2000 note with a long caption. Her basic point was what use does this high denomination single note has, when nobody, even banks included, are ready to give her a Rs 100 change in return. She raised concerns about the inconvenience caused in buying daily amenities, which cannot be bought online.

Check out her post here.

This is the entire text, what she wrote:


Finallyyyy I get this in my hand today!!!! Its a move to bring out the black money!!! Really???? Then why are we normal people made to face so much of inconvinience!!! Today i go to the bank and nobody is giving me a Rs 100/- note in exchange!! how am i suppose to buy a basic requirement, vegetable with this 2000 note!!! or does the government expect me to buy vegetables online as well?!?!? The use of the most circulated currency notes were banned with a 4 hours notice!!! that too in the later hours of the day!!! Did the government not once think about normal working citizens like us!!!! we leave for work the next morning!!! my work hours are 12 a lot of people have so many daily chores wher the need money, my friends were suppose to travel the next day and they all had Rs 500, rs 1000 notes as cash in hand to be used in travelling!!! We all came to halt, we all were disturbed, stressed how will the next few days pass??? These are two least problems I have listed there are so many we all cant leave our work, jobs offices and stand in the bank lines for hours to exchange/deposit/ withdraw money!!! It must be a great move but right now for me its one of the biggest inconvinience caused to me by my Govt to whom i pay so much of taxes!!!!!

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Dipika has so far stayed in limelight due to the immensely weird and unjustified plots her show keeps coming up with, time and again. While she became a fly in the show sometime back, she even got into some witch hunting while playing the lead actor. But this time, she is making news for something more serious and relevant.