Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: 10 things the cast revealed about the new season as it went live from the sets, watch video

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: 10 things the cast revealed about the new season as it went live from the sets, watch video

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai cast spoke about the show's comeback and what's new in store for the viewers after the seven-year-leap.

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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: The iconic show is returning as a web series on Hotstar.

The Sarabhais are returning, and real soon. And the excitement around their comeback just got higher when the cast of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai went live on Facebook through the Hotstar page. As producer JD Majethia went around the sets taking his mobile phone along, we also got a 360 degree view of the new house of the Sarabhais. The new set surely looks more chic and colourful. The video began with JD thanking the fans for all the love which forced them to return.

Here are excerpts from all that the cast revealed about the new season on the video.

1. Behind-the-scenes: We not just got to see the show on location, we even saw the entire core cast including Rosesh, Indravadan, Maya, Saahil and Monisha. They all were dressed in their nightwear, and somewhere in the middle of the video, they said they were shooting a night scene.

2. Rosesh Sarabhai’s look: Whoopee! “I acted as hawa during plays earlier, now they’ll make me a cupboard.” Hence proved, Rosesh has been promoted! Actor Rajesh Kumar, who plays the role, also said that his dad Indravadan and brother Saahil will get more naughty, his momma Maya will be more strict, and Monisha bhabhi is cuter this time.


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He even recited a poem for his fans, in his signature style:

“Aaya aaya Sarabhai family, phir se machane dhoom. Sabki dhadkan karengi dhum-dhum-pat-pat-dhum.”

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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is a sitcom about a dysfunctional family, giving way to hilarious situations on a daily basis.

3. Sarabhai comeback: Producer JD said the decision to comeback was as per the demand of the audience. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai will be a web series this time, and will be telecast on Hotstar.

4. Cast then and now: JD took the camera on the remaining cast, who were seated together. It was total nostalgia seeing each one in the same frame. He asked Saahil aka actor Sumeet Raghavan as to what has changed in the seven years, and he said, “nothing really.” He quipped, “Bas Monisha sudhar gayi hai. Pehle tissue paper use karti thi, ab toilet roll karti hai (Earlier, Monisha used tissue paper, now she uses toilet roll.)”

5. Satish Shah, the writer: Adding to Saahil’s words, actor Satish Shah, who plays Indravadan, said, “I told them to chuck this seven year leap and show just the next day in the life of these characters on the show, but it’s difficult to appease the Star guys.” Somewhere amid all the fun, the actors hinted that Satish Shah also takes to writing some sections of the show. We wonder if they are the ones, which give us the best laughs.

6. Monisha still loves discounts: We saw Monisha, played by Rupali Ganguly, in her same old flamboyant attitude, who is still as unapologetic wearing torn clothes, as she was then. Yes, she even showed a torn section of her gown to the viewers. She still runs after discounts. However, she confessed that she tries to keep the house cleaner now.

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The cast of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai had a reunion few months back, giving way to speculations about the show’s comeback.

7. Maya’s high-class persona: Ratna Pathak Shah was totally soaked in her Maya avatar. She will still be as poised and sophisticated as she was before. And her love-hate relationship with Monisha will be the high-point of the show.

8. Rosesh’s marriage: Saahil did try to reveal something about Rosesh’s wedding but Monisha and others stopped him. We wonder if this will form the core plot of the new season.

9. Saahil and Monisha’s son: Deven Bhojani, who is the director of the show, and also plays the character of Dushyant, revealed that there is an addition to the cast – Saahil and Monisha’s son. According to him, the child is unique. He is a combination of his parents, and even has glimpses of Maya. He is the right combination of everyone. He also confirmed that Dushyant’s look will changed a bit this time.

10. New character: Writer Aatish Kapadia, who seldom appears onscreen, will don the character of Lukka this season. He asks everyone “Are you kachha kela.” Well, Aatish gave a sneak-peek into his character.

Watch the video here.


The new season of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is set to premiere in May. The iconic show, which gave us some of the best moments on Indian television, earlier ran between 2004 and 2006. Gear up for total nostalgia!