Salman Khan plays God on Bigg Boss when he is only a host: Zubair Khan

Salman Khan plays God on Bigg Boss when he is only a host: Zubair Khan

Bigg Boss 11: Ex-contestant Zubair Khan speaks out some explosive statements about Salman Khan. The filmmaker, who claims to have connections with the underworld, opened up and shared how he attempted suicide after being disgraced by Salman on national television.

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Bigg Boss ex-contestant Zubair Khan says he attempted suicide to walk out of the show.

Every year as Colors launches Bigg Boss, the audience preps itself to witness major controversies till it runs on air. This time, in its eleventh season, the reality show has broken records in its first week when it came to fights and drama. And above all, the Weekend Ka Vaar episode saw host Salman Khan spew his rage on the contestants. Zubair Khan, who received the maximum backlash from Salman, was also eliminated owing to low votes. Soon after his exit, the filmmaker opened up and shared how he attempted suicide after being disgraced by Salman on national television. He has also filed a complaint against the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star of insulting him and threatening him on TV. Zubair, who was also accused of lying about being Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law, has claimed that he never spoke about being a relative of Dawood and that his wife is Sana Khan, and her mother is named Noor Jahan. In a no barred two parts exclusive interview with, Zubair Khan opened about his downfall in Bigg Boss 11, Salman Khan, his underworld connections, estranged family and more.

Never called myself Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law

My name was misused by Colors and other media that I was Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law. Never have I mentioned this anywhere in my interview that I am associated with Dawood Ibrahim. I don’t know why people are accusing me of lying. For years, my in-laws have been threatening me with their supposed association with D-company. I am nowhere related to him. In my weeklong stay, I demand that the channel releases any video where I mentioned I am related to them or even threatened anyone. I have always maintained that I am a filmmaker and never have told anyone that I am a don.

Have always been uncomfortable about my in-laws

From a child labour to becoming a filmmaker, I have had my share of struggles. I am a self-made man. My marriage was on the basis of a lie and I had major issues soon after. I accepted my wife but I was always uncomfortable about my in-laws. I have never spoken about them anywhere. From a small place where people are rowdy, I have educated myself to become a respectable professional. I have worked with big companies and there also, I have always stood up for the right.

I am getting death threats

From the time I got married to Sana, I have been under constant pressure by her family. With the issue getting bigger, I am getting so many death threats. My mother and family are all scared for me but I don’t give a damn. I am not a coward like Salman Khan to stoop down in front of the underworld. I am not scared for my life and will fight till my last breath. I trust my Allah and my mother’s prayers and since I have not done any wrong, I am not scared.

Salman is under pressure from the underworld


The way Salman Khan reacted; it clearly showed he was under pressure from the underworld. There have been multiple incidents of people abusing on the show, he never stood against them the way he did with me. Calling me ‘kutta’ on national television only showed his standards. I even apologized to him but he was in no mood. Everyone knows that he was unfair to me. I agree I abused but it was not shown why I did that. Salman targeted me and his motive was clear. My in-laws, who call themselves relatives of Dawood, must have put pressure on the channel and Salman, and they got me out. He used similar words that my wife’s family tells me – go to the court, fight for your kids. It just proves that he did speak to them.

Salman is the host, not god

Salman’s father is a writer but that doesn’t give him the liberty to write people’s fate. He is a mere host, who is being paid for his work. I don’t understand why he tries to play God on Bigg Boss. He is not a pious person; we all know his past and how he behaved. His ‘Being Human’ image came only after the media thrashed him. It was a PR move for him to hide his ugly past. He had no right to lecture me on abusing when he himself is a foul-mouthed person. There have been people like Swami Om in the house, who threw pee on a woman, and he managed to get away from his insults. Why did he only pick me and was blind all this while? I want him to answer this.


Attempted suicide to get out of Bigg Boss

I was in depression and had thus carried my sleeping pills inside the house. After Salman bashed me for no reason and with others also supporting him, I did not want to stay in the house. When the creative team did not relent, I took an overdose and only then did they get me out. I left the show on my own terms and they say that I got the least number of votes. And look at Salman’s audacity, he told in the show that I was unwell, why did he not speak the truth then?