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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sabse Smart Kaun host Ravi Dubey: Sad that the job of an anchor has been reduced to cracking jokes on stage recently sat down with Sabse Smart Kaun host Ravi Dubey to talk about his newfound love for hosting. Sabse Smart Kaun has come as a new challenge for Ravi Dubey.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: June 4, 2018 1:44:46 pm
Sabse Smart Kaun host Ravi Dubey Ravi Dubey recently wrapped up Rising Star 2 and now with Sabse Smart Kaun, we asked him if he feels overused as a host.

Making evenings specials for its audience, Star Plus is all set to air Sabse Smart Kaun from today. The game show, hosted by charismatic television star Ravi Dubey, will celebrate and reward people for their use of common sense and smartness. The show will feature participants answering a set of extremely simple brain teasers and winning prize money for the same. The game is also open for TV viewing audience who can play along through the Hotstar app. recently sat down with Ravi to talk about his newfound love for hosting and he said, “It’s going great. I feel being a host is a dimension of a performer. And it’s one of the things that I am really enjoying at the moment.”

We wondered if Ravi feels the pressure being pitted against stalwarts Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. “Not pressure but there’s definitely a sense of responsibility. Pressure would equate to fear and I don’t work that way. There’s infinite excitement as this show has the potential to change lives and I am looking forward to this new start,” shared the actor.


Sabse Smart Kaun has come as a new challenge for Ravi Dubey. “See, you can’t prepare yourself as a host for it has to be a freewheeling chat. It is a completely different show but it’s all about people. We have a certain skeleton but it’s largely organic and it’s all about making friends on stage.”

The actor also shared that he doesn’t believe in differentiating his hosting in shows but the flavor has to be in accordance with the projects. “With the world being different, there’s new engagement but then you can’t change yourself. When you are on stage as a host, you have to project an extension of your personality. At the end of the day, it’s all about the respect and love you have for people around you. And that comes from your upbringing which remains the same throughout,” he shared with a smile.

Ravi Dubey recently wrapped up Rising Star 2 and now with this show, we asked him if he feels overused as a host. “Not at all for both the shows are completely different. This has never been done before and it’s a new creative reality. Also, even before the audience, an artist gets bored of monotony first and so we need to attempt new things.”


While he cannot stop singing praises of being a host, there are many actors who refrain from taking up the job as the current state of hosts means taking jibe on oneself on the stage. Ravi, on his part, confessed that he abstains from doing this to himself and feels bad seeing his loved ones being made fun of on stage. “This was the reason I stayed away from non-fiction for so long as I felt grace was being compromised and anchors were becoming a soft target. I wouldn’t like being mocked on roads so why on stage. An anchor is the master of ceremonies and he should be given due respect. It’s sad that the job has been reduced to this but we can create humour in more ways too.”

When asked if he lost out on projects because of this belief, Ravi Dubey smiled to say, “You don’t lose it, you simply say no. I really believe in taking up work where I can truly add value. Also, it’s important for the good to filter out to let the great come in.”

While wife Sargun Mehta is busy with her Punjabi film career, Ravi too is geared up for his long-pending film 3 Dev’s release. He said the world of films is not his only ambition, “I am happy where I am and if I am called for a role where my role is important, I would definitely do it. But right now, I am in a beautiful phase and getting nourished as a performer and a person by engaging with so many people.”


Sabse Smart Kaun will air Monday-Friday, starting June 4, at 6:30 pm on Star Plus.

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