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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Saath Nibhana Sathiya 1st October 2016 full episode written update: Premila tells Krishna that the papers are in the temple area

Saath Nibhana Sathiya 1st October 2016 full episode written update: Premila warns Kokila that she'll sell the house in two hours and they can try stopping her.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Updated: October 1, 2016 8:50:46 pm
saath nibhana saathiya Mansi tries to burn Gopi with a burning stick when Jaggi stops her and Krishna comes to hold her with Premila.

Premila tells Mansi that she’ll gift her the papers on her wedding day, with Ahem. Mansi drops the knife and Premila thinks that she won’t give it to her. Gopi is in distress after thinking about Mansi and her wedding idea.

Dharam is thinking about Meera and he fights with her. Vidya brings him milk and he drops the glass by mistake. Vidya tells him that he’s so distracted and that he should sort things out with Meera so that he can enjoy Naiya’s marriage. Dharam says that she’s young but too smart for her age and Vidya tells him to drink the milk.

Jaggi goes and tells that Mansi wants to marry Ahem and they see that Mansi is coming out of her room. Jaggi goes to meet her without listening to the whole plan. Mansi goes to Ahem and says that she’ll give the papers to him but he’ll have to come with her.

Mansi takes him to a mandap and Jaggi is standing still while glaring at it. Mansi says that its time that they got together. Gopi runs and tells Kokila to stop it all and tells Premila’s plan. Urmila worries and Kokila says that they will have to do something. But till then Krishna locks all of them inside happily.

Mansi is offered varmala by Premila and she prepares to put it on. Jaggi lowers his neck and his bluetooth when Urmila tries to call him. Gopi thinks that they will have to do something and Sahir checks the window. Premila sees the bluetooth and crushes it. The window inside is jammed but there is enough space for Jai to go out. He goes and Sona tells him to open their door from outside.

Jaggi worries about the situation now and the priest carries on with the rituals. Jai opens their door and Gopi rushes out with them. Premila rushes and tells the priest to do the sindoor ritual first, so that its not too late. Mansi tells Ahem to put sindoor on her head. She says that their dream will be fulfilled. Gopi and Kokila arrive at the mandap and Jaggi throws the thali out of his hands. Jaggi shouts that he’s not Ahem and says that he’s Jaggi. Premila and Krishna are happy but the rest of them are shocked. Premila says that she said it and Mansi says that how could he lie to her and starts crying.

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She says that she hates him and takes out a burning stick from the havan kund. She says that she’ll kill him as he betrayed her. Gopi snatches her hand and throws the stick. Till the time Mansi tries to take out another stick, Sahir extinguishes out the fire. She’s about to attack Gopi with a stick when Jaggi stops her and Krishna comes to hold her with Premila. Mansi faints while fighting that she has been tricked and Krishna gives her an injection. Premila cries out to them and asks what have they done. She says that she’ll sell the house in two hours, they can try stopping her.

Vidya goes to Meera and pushes her to go for shopping with her. Krishna asks Premila about where she’s kept the papers and she tells him that she’s hidden the papers in the temple of the house.

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