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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th Sep 2016 full episode written update: Jigar tells Gopi that Mansi is going to demolish his side of Modi Bhawan

Jigar comes in and confesses that he's done a mistake by mortgaging his share to Mansi.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | September 9, 2016 9:42:17 pm
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Sona is sad that there is no milk in the fridge for her kids when Gopi comes in and gives her the powedered milk instead. Jaggi is amused by seeing this that they’re using powder as milk.

Meera is practicing with everybody when she thinks about Dharam and heads to bring him downstairs. Naiya sees this and stops her by saying that he’s busy with some account’s task. Payal then intentionally makes them switch to couple fans practice. When Meera says that she won’t be able to do it, Payal asks Ritesh to join her. He agrees saying if Meera is okay with it. Dharam approaches towards the hall when Payal makes Ritesh and Meera come even closer. Dharam sees this and gets angry, and in turn, goes back. Naiya is happy to see Dharam’s reaction. Meera feels that she just saw Dharam on the staircase and when she turns, he isn’t there. Ritesh asks her if something’s wrong but Meera says that they should continue.

Sona comes out and asks Sahir if he’s brought the milk and he is already feeding the kids. She then hears buffalo’s sound from the entrance and thinks how that happened. Jaggi enters with buffalo’s milk and advises everybody that they should all take this milk and never feed powder milk to kids. Sona says that he shouldn’t have done that. Kokila tells them to stop talking and comes with the aarti to bless them. She goes to Jigar who’s just entered and he denies taking her blessings. His face has red marks as if just slapped and Jaggi spots them. Jigar starts crying and Kokila and Gopi ask what’s wrong. He tells them that he’s mortgaged his property. Gopi says that she knows all this but they can always return the money and take it back and asks who’s he given it to. Jigar takes Mansi’s name and says that he did go there with all the money but she denies returning it. Kokila thinks that they have to take it back from her. Jigar says that it’s too late now as Mansi has given the demolishing orders for his part of the Modi Bhawan. Jigar kneels down crying thinking how could he do such a thing when Modi Bhawan is a part of his childhood memories and all his life. Gopi consoles him by saying that mistakes are human tendency but learning a lesson is more important and that their unity matters the most. Jigar says that they will lose their house to which Jaggi says that all of them can come and stay in their house. Urmila stops her but he continues saying that they’re always worried about something. Gopi goes and scolds him for talking without thinking. Jaggi stops her and says that they’re always overreacting but from now on, he will never interfere and leaves.

Dharam is in his room thinking about how close Meera and Ritesh were. Payal takes a break when Meera thinks to go and see Dharam again. Naiya tells Prakash that they have to stop Meera from going to Dharam. Naiya stops her and Prakash says that Payal should choreograph a dance for the three of them.

Mona is booking a suite for Samar and herself while Pari enters and she changes her statement. Pari scolds her for being selfish and says that they have to do something about the problem together, by befriending their enemy.

Dharam is in his room when Meera asks why he never came down to dance with her. He says that she never called him, to which Meera says that she won’t argue and leaves the room. Dharam feels alone again.

Jaggi talks to his mother and says that he’s stuck at Modi Bhawan, all because of her. She tells him to bear with it as a part of life by doing good deeds. Gopi comes to Jaggi and apologises for what she said but Jaggi tells her not to worry. He says that he follows the lesson living in the present, which reminds her about how Ahem used to say the same thing. (Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th September 2016 full episode written update: Jaggi plans to make Gopi happy)

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