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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2016 full episode written update: Jigar tells Paridhi that he’ll take revenge from Mansi

Jigar witnesses a change of heart and tells Paridhi that he'll take revenge from Mansi and Krishna.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | September 4, 2016 7:45:01 pm
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Jaggi stops them from taking Gopi back to asylum as its proven he is Ahem Modi. The police and lawyer confirm that they cannot do anything and if Ahem wants, then Gopi will not go anywhere. Krishna and Premila take Mansi out when she comes back and warns Gopi that she’ll prove Ahem is no more and then destroy her. Krishna takes her out and says that he’ll deal with them later.

After they leave, Jigar asks how did Gopi end up in an asylum and who is the person impersonating Ahem. Jaggi tells him that how many times will he have to prove that he’s Ahem. Jigar then tells him that he looks like a goon instead and Jaggi warns him to stop. He’s about to slap him when Gopi interferes by calling out Jaggi and also, that Jigar is her brother-in-law. Jaggi tells Kokila to make Gopi understand that if she calls him Jaggi in front of everybody, his entire hardwork will go in vein. Jigar asks Kokila about the asylum case and she tells him that a lot has happened behind his back. Jigar is teary eyed and asks why she did not even tell him about it. She adds that they had no time and that’s when she met Jaggi. Jigar starts crying and to this, Jaggi says that the whole family is crazy. Paridhi starts shouting and blames it all on Kokila for how she begged Gopi to marry Krishna and her daughter-in-law says the same thing again. Kokila bows and apologises in front of them. Jaggi interrupts by saying that they’re all divided in the name of a family and asks to leave now that his work is over. Jigar stops Jaggi by calling him ‘bhai’ and he stops then and there.

Meera and Vidya enter through the main door and leave everything that they’re holding, under the shock of seeing Jaggi standing with them. They come towards him when he stops them and asks Urmila about it. Kokila tells them both that he’s not Ahem but Jaggi, the one who helped to bring Gopi out. Sona’s kids come and take Jaggi for dinner. Gopi goes to meet Meera and Vidya and they hug her. They ask her why nobody told them anything and Kokila also says that even they hid a few things from them as sometimes there is no time to talk to people. Jigar comes and scolds Paridhi for shouting on Kokila and she asks why he’s so worried. He says that he’s tensed up about how Mansi used him and destroyed his family and will take revenge. She tells him to confess what he’s done with his share but he denies that and says that he’ll take his revenge alone.

Kokila and Gopi advise Meera and Vidya to stick together and protect each other. Dharam calls and invites Gopi to come to Naiya’s wedding along with Krishna. Krishna ignores his reference and agrees to come.

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