Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2016 full episode written update: Jaggi fills Gopi’s maang in the temple

Gopi gets angry when Jaggi fills her maang in front of everybody. Gopi leaves and this makes Jaggi feel insulted.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: October 4, 2016 8:05:55 pm
Saath nibhana sathiya, saath nibhana sathiya 4th october, mansi, ahem, star plus, saath nibhana saathiya TV serial, TV serial, latest news, entertainment news Gopi says that Jaggi has no right to do what he did in front of everybody and that too, in the temple.

Gopi steps out to do the pooja but the other ladies stop her and tell her to fill her maang, as a symbol of marriage before pooja. Premila tells Krishna to do it and he moves ahead when Gopi stops them. She says that Krishna is not her husband and so he cannot do it. Jaggi walks in and greets everybody out loud. She announces that Jaggi is her husband and Premila asks him to do it then.

Priyal goes to Meera and asks if she’ll drop her to school. Meera readily agrees and asks her to wait till she gets ready. Vidya takes her out and tells her to do the same with Dharam, thinking that this might help them get together.

Krishna asks Gopi that what’s wrong now as she was shouting how Jaggi is her husband. Premila also questions her and says that it would be her fortune if Jaggi could do it. All the other ladies doubt Gopi and who her husband really was, and start gossiping.

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Premila says that she has been lying all this while and Krishna is the only one who can do it for her. She sends Krishna to do it while Gopi and her family are gasping at what’s going on. Kokila and Urmila walk towards the temple hastily while Krishna goes towards Gopi. He lifts his hand and Jaggi holds and stops him. Jaggi takes the sindoor and puts it in Gopi’s maang. Kokila and Urmila enter and watch him do it alongwith everybody else.

Gopi runs out and Kokila goes to handle her. Premila asks her if her daughter is sad about her husband filling her maang or a stranger has done that and she’s upset. Urmila tells Kokila to leave and handles Premila on her own. She tells Premila and Krishna to mind their own business and asks everyone to go away.

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Meera is coming down and sees that Dharam is also going with her to drop Priyal. She deliberately fakes a sprain in her foot by enacting a fall down on the stairs. Dharam and Vidya ask her what’s wrong and tell her to call the doctor. She denies calling a doctor and says that she’ll be okay if she rests. Dharam leaves to drop Priyal and Meera steps back. Meera tells Vidya that she cannot make them come together now as there’s nothing left for her to rejoice upon. She’s only waiting for Naiya’s wedding and will sort it out later.

Jaggi is upset about how Gopi ran away and is stern that he was insulted in front of everybody when he only wanted to save her reputation. Urmila tries to talk to him but he says that this time he isn’t wrong and that Gopi cannot insult her like this.

Gopi cries out of anguish when Kokila comes and tells her to calm down and not cry like that. Gopi says that Jaggi has no right to do what he did in front of everybody and that too, in the temple.

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