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Friday, July 20, 2018

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th September 2016 full episode written update: Mansi tells Ahem where she’s hidden the property papers

Mansi meets Ahem again and tells him that she's ready to die. Jaggi stops her by saying that he'll do nothing like that before securing his mother's future.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | Published: September 29, 2016 1:12:41 am
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Premila prepares for the jagran at night when Urmila and Jaggi enter. They plan to execute their next plan at the same time. Vidya goes to Shravan and tells him everything about Naiya and Payal. She tells him that she doubts Naiya and Naiya hears them talking. He says that he’ll talk to Naiya himself in the evening. Naiya thinks that Vidya is being oversmart but she’ll do something even major.

Urmila tells Gopi that nothing will go wrong with her plan and after tonight, Premila will also believe that Ahem and Jaggi are two different people. Mansi is getting ready for Ahem when Premila comes in. She asks what’s wrong and Mansi says that she’s going to get together with Ahem tonight. Premila prays to God for Mansi’s well being and safety.

The jagrata begins and Jaggi gets up to work out his plan but Premila stops him and makes him sit down. Sahir and Samar go to execute their other plan after hinting Gopi. Sona plays Ahem’s sound on the mic sneakily and Sahir and Samar display Ahem on a third projector. Premila faints after seeing that Jaggi is here and its actually Ahem’s spirit. Mansi goes upstairs and Sahir switches off the laptop to make the image disappear. Urmila tries to wake up Premila and Jaggi thinks that he should go to Mansi dressed up as Ahem.

Ahem goes in front of Mansi while she’s searching for him. He says that she should keep Premila and Gopi away from him but Mansi says that he should give her another chance. He goes after lighting a fire and Mansi is sad again.

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Shravan and Vidya go to talk to Naiya about her plans. Premila wakes up and tells Mansi about what she saw and Mansi tells her that she flopped her wishes. Mansi says that she’ll try everything to get together with Ahem. Gopi and Jaggi watch them talk and get ready for their plan. Prakash and Naiya are talking about separating Meera and Dharam but Prakash watches some shadows. He changed the topic to binding them together when Shravan and Vidya are outside. Shravan tells Vidya to not doubt Naiya and believe that she’s not doing anything wrong. Shravan goes and Naiya comes to Vidya. She challenges Vidya to prove that she’s wrong but Naiya will do everything to separate Meera and Dharam.

Mansi waits for Ahem and Jaggi goes in front of her. Mansi tells him that she is ready to die for him and then get together. Urmila and Gopi are stunned but Jaggi saves it all by telling her that he won’t be at peace until he secures his mother’s future because he can never trust Gopi. Mansi tells him that she won’t let anything happen to Kokila and also divulges where she’s kept the property papers.

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