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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2016 full episode written update: Kokila worries that nobody should come to know about Parag and Urvashi

Jigar is unable to complete the work as Baa is unwell in America.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi |
September 16, 2016 8:58:43 pm
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Mansi is happy about how she gets food on time and does not even have to put in efforts. She finds pieces of CD in her sandwich when she bites in. Jaggi is sitting besides her and he apologises by saying that this sandwich was for him. And he adds that this is the same CD that she was dancing on. Mansi gets furious but Jaggi tells her to chill. Jai and Veeru tell Jaggi that they have another surprise for him and take him inside. Premila comes and asks Mansi why is she so angry. Mansi blames it all on her for bringing her here in this house. Premila asks why and she says that they haven’t executed a single plan and are only insulted all the time. She says that she will do something about it now.

Jai and Veeru show Jaggi a video from his birthday and he’s very happy about it. Gopi comes and tells the kids to go and do their homework. Jaggi sends them and leaves the phone on the bed and goes out.

Meera is struggling to pin up her sari when Dharam enters and asks if he can help. She says that she has been doing everything on her own and she’ll do it. Dharam asks her not to act smart but she denies. He holds her tightly and pins her sari. He tells her not to swell in her ego all the time for sometimes even she can do mistakes.

Premila goes and checks Jaggi’s phone in hope to get some information. She watches the video and sees the name on the wall.

Vidya asks Dharam if he talked to Meera yet. He says that she’s too egoistic and its no use talking to her. She’ll have to suffer because of it someday. Premila is walking out with Jaggi’s phone when she sees Jaggi standing in front of him. He thinks that he’ll have to do something to take the phone. Premila starts running with the phone to Mansi and Jai and Veeru push a skateboard towards her. The phone falls in Sona’s hands and she throws it towards Sahir who further gives it to Jaggi when Krishna comes towards him. Krishna goes towards Jaggi who throws it to Sona and Mansi runs towards her. She throws the phone to Urmila who tries to give it to Jaggi but Krishna catches it. Sahir slips his leg in front of Krishna which makes the phone go in the hands of Jai. Krishna goes towards them when Sona warns him not to. Jai crawls and slips the phone and Mansi catches it. Mansi talks about how his secret is put when Gopi holds her hand and turns her around in a circle and catches the phone.

Krishna goes towards her and asks for it when Jaggi pushes him. Mansi and Premila catch her. Jaggi signals her to throw it and he’ll hit it with a bat. She does that and the phone breaks. Jaggi dances in front of them now that their proof is gone.

Vidya goes and talks to Meera about why isn’t she solving it with Dharam. Meera says that he just came to point out her mistakes. Vidya worries by saying that she did so much to convince him to talk. This angers Meera Meera she says that now she won’t leave him.

Urvashi worries about Jaggi and thinks to call on landline. Mansi picks up when she calls and Urvashi cuts the line. Urmila and Gopi go to Jaggi and he acts depressed about breaking his phone when Gopi gives her phone to call his mother. Kokila comes back from the temple and tells Gopi that Jigar and reached America but is unable to complete his work. (Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2016 full episode written update: Vidya tells Dharam to talk to Meera)

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