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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2016 full episode written update: Mansi catches Jaggi and Urmila stealing papers

Urmila and Jaggi try to steal the property papers. Mansi nabs them and locks them inside the kitchen until the police comes.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Updated: September 10, 2016 8:47:52 pm
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Urmila comes to Jaggi and asks him to come along, to steal the property papers from Mansi’s house. Pari and Mona are sneaking around the house when they hide from Gopi, who’s going upstairs. Gopi overhears Urmila and Jaggi planning to steal the papers and tells them that Kokila is talking to a lawyer about this problem and will solve it legally. Jaggi and Urmila agree to it. Gopi goes out when Kokila calls her but Jaggi tells Urmila that the plan is still on and they will go to Mansi’s house.

Vidya comes and sees Meera sleeping on the couch and Meera explains what happened. Vidya tells her that anger is not important than her relationship to which Dharam also adds that Meera is always angry with him. He comes and aplogises from Meera. Naiya sees this and thinks that their happiness won’t stay for long, as she’ll ruin it with her plans.

Urmila tries to open the main door to Mansi’s house with her pin but the door is latched from inside. Jaggi finds a window and jumps in to get Urmila inside the house from the main door. Mona and Pari jump in from the front gate to meet Mansi alone and talk to her. Jaggi brings Urmila inside and both of them remove their shoes. Pari plans to talk to Mansi alone and not with Premila. Mona is walking inside when by mistake, an iron stand falls with her saree. Both of them hide when Mansi, Premila and Krishna wake up to check who’s entered their house. Jaggi and Urmila are hiding too when they switch off the main light plug. Gopi meanwhile, checks for Jaggi and Urmila and is unable to find them and thinks they would’ve gone to Mansi’s house. Premila and Mansi check the hall room. Gopi goes and wakes up Jigar and tells him what she’s thought has happened.
Jaggi and Urmila are walking when Gopi calls Jaggi and his ringtone lets Mansi know that somebody is there. Mansi calls Premila and Krishna and they tie them both to a wall. Gopi hears everything on the phone and thinks what they should do next. Mona and Pari are scared so Mona sneakily runs outside, leaving Pari. Gopi tells everybody and she is leaving with Jigar to save them from Mansi. Mansi tells Krishna to lock them inside the kitchen till the police comes. Urmila is worrying about how to get out when Jaggi takes a box of biscuits to eat so that he can think. He sees a window and tells her to get out of that. Krishna worries why they came in when Mansi tells them about her plan of demolishing Modi Bhawan. Premila scolds her for divulging her plan to the enemy.

The police comes in and so does Gopi and Jigar. Krishna tells them that they’ve trapped the thieves inside the kitchen and Mansi says that Gopi and Jigar are also a team. Krishna takes them in when they find no one inside so they think they must have fled from the window. They all go out when they hear Jaggi and Urmila talking.

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