Sa Re Ga Ma Pa host Aditya Narayan: I want to now focus only on music

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa host Aditya Narayan: I want to now focus only on music

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: At the launch event, judges Shekhar Ravjiani and Wajid Khan were vocal about host Aditya Narayan's talent as a singer.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa host Aditya Narayan
Talent hunt show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is once again hosted by Aditya Narayan. (Source: Aditya Narayan/ Instagram)

Singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is once again being hosted by Aditya Narayan. And for the “Tattad Tattad” singer, it’s not just one reason that brings him back to the music reality show time and again.

“It almost feels like home to me. Just like the set and music instruments, I feel like I am a part of the show. Also, there is immense gratitude towards the team always. I have just started but whatever I have achieved, it’s all because of this show. In the last 11 years, I have hosted seven seasons and I am scheduled to do the next one also (Li’l Champs). It’s always exciting to be back and interestingly, it feels new each time. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is also a motivator for me to work harder. When I see these contestants, I know who I have to compete with, in the coming days. It pushes me to become a better musician also,” shared Aditya in an exclusive chat with

Ask him if monotony ever strikes him and the young man said “I am a very genuine guy. Whenever I feel it’s getting hectic, I take a break. I travel and ask myself if I am happy doing what I am doing. If the answer is no, I make sure I work towards it. It’s really important to grow in life. I don’t know if Zee would be happy that I told you, but I would be taking a break after the next season. I plan to focus more on music as that’s my primary love. It would be the time when I can reinvent myself.”

At the launch event, judges Shekhar Ravjiani and Wajid Khan had been vocal about Aditya’s talent as a singer. When we asked what stops them from collaborating with him, the 31-year-old said, “Firstly I really believe in destiny. You can work hard or not but it will only happen when it has to happen. Also, it’s embarrassing but there have been times when they have called me for recording but I have been busy with my TV and live shows. That’s the drawback of being a popular television figure. It’s not how newcomers should respond and maybe I have offended some for it. Also, now circumstances are quite different in the industry. About 10 leading singers sing a song before one gets final. It’s a tough time. But honestly, I have no regrets but yes, I would be now completely focusing towards music.”

Aditya has also been hailed for his acting in films like Pardes, Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai and Shaapit. When we quizzed him on his acting plans, he smiled to say, “You can multitask only when you become Salman Khan. When you are en-route, you have to focus. So for now, it’s one step at a time. With all honesty, I want to first build my musical career. More than the audience, I want to sing (laughs). I feel blessed that people like Shekhar and Wajid have such nice things to say about me. I want to now prove them right.”


The artiste has also been actively producing YouTube videos and plans to do more videos. “Apart from film music, I have decided to not collaborate with any record label. I think its really unfair towards the artistes. Barring the top ones, even establish musicians do not earn enough in our industry. A change is needed. I think I am fortunate to be in a time when I can aide this change. It’s the right time to create one’s own identity. Bollywood music is not the end of the world. There’s so much of independent music being produced. I am lucky that people recognise me by my face. Also, there are so many YouTube stars. We should encourage more people to make original stuff. Lets not just think about numbers but also about quality music,” concluded Aditya.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa airs every weekend at 9 pm on Zee TV.