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Rubina Dilaik promised herself she’d never attend another awards show after this harrowing incident

Rubina Dilaik spoke about the incident that convinced her never to attend an awards show ever again.

Rubina Dilaik spoke about the incident after which she refused to attend awards shows. (Photo: Screengrab)

Actor Rubina Dilaik has said that she promised herself she would never attend awards shows after a particularly embarrassing incident many years ago. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actor recalled when she was nominated for her lead performance in a television show, but didn’t win even though she was convinced she would.

She said that she was eventually told that other factors had been taken into consideration in deciding the winner, and that they weren’t entirely merit-based. After that, she said she vowed to never attend another awards show if she was nominated.

Rubina Dilaik said, “One of the awards nights, I was super excited. I wore a black dress, especially went to Lokhandwala to buy it. Got my hair curled and everything. And my show was at the top at that time. It had a rating of 5.7. I knew I was going to win the best actor award, I had worked hard. You have that confidence about the craft and the skill that you’ve honed. I knew I would win.”

She continued, “I was sitting, and the name was announced, and I could not control myself. From that front row, I went to the bathroom and cried. I cried my heart out. I knew this was mine. I knew this was mine. Two days later, I got to know that the award was given to the hero, because a few days later the girl who was playing my sister and the hero were flying down to South Africa to do a Vikram Phadnis fashion show. So there was that whole thing of positioning your artiste because of integration… So, the awards were divided so that other shows would also be recognised. That was the first and the last show. I promised myself, never for an awards show I am going to show up.”

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She said all future events of this nature that she has attended have been because a friend was involved or because she had to perform. “If I am nominated, sorry, I am not going to go for the award.”

Rubina is best known for her roles in Choti Bahu and Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. She also won Bigg Boss 14, and will make her film debut with a project titled Ardh.

First published on: 11-12-2021 at 21:47 IST
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