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I was targetted for being Prince Narula’s favourite: Roadies Xtreme evicted contestant Minnie Rohilla

Minnie Rohilla tags Nishkarsh as the Roadies Xtreme winner. The contestant, who was the part of Prince Narula's gang, was evicted in weekend episode of Rannvijay Singha's show.

roadies xtreme contestant Minnie Rohila
Minnie Rohila was evicted by majority Roadies Xtreme members.

The weekend episode of Roadies Xtreme saw the elimination of Minnie Rohilla. After finally accepting her vote-out, Minnie sat down for an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com.

Talking about the elimination, she said, “Of course, I was and still am disappointed but then it’s a game and you can’t expect everything to go as per your plans. It was a shocking moment for me as the gang was seriously not prepared for my eviction.”

More than Minnie, fans of Roadies were left shocked when they saw her good friends Kashish Thakur Pundir and Mehakdeep Singh plotting for her eviction, and the latter even casting a vote against her. When asked if she has forgiven them, the young girl said, “I hugged it out with Kashish as I know what he was doing was for the game. Knowing that I was a strong contender and a favourite of Prince sir, he might have felt insecure about his position in the team. As for the black sheep Mehakdeep, his actions did shock me but it was his individual decision. But at the vote out, Mehakdeep said that he had once voted against Sandy as he was indebted to Farha. So I wonder why he didn’t feel the same for me as because of me, we had won a task.”

When we further asked if being the apple of Prince’s eye caused her exit, Minnie said, “Yes, being Prince’s favourite, I was always on the radar. But it doesn’t matter as the best part of Roadies was definitely in becoming his favourite contestant (smiles). Also, they knew I can perform well, be it any tasks. So I was a threat to a lot of people. Lastly, I am someone who doesn’t mince words while speaking. Some contestants found this offensive.”

While Minnie excelled in all the tasks, her fight with fellow contestant Kriti Verma landed her in the vote out. The 23-year-old shared that she does regret pushing Kriti, “A bit yes, as I could have handled the situation better and maybe only resorted to a verbal spat. But then you need to understand I was provoked by her. Also, I feel that it was unfair towards me as Priya (Sandhu) had also pushed Sandy (Saha) once and no action was taken against her. So why just me? I wanted to fight for it but you cannot question Rannvijay sir’s decision.”

Rannvijay Singh, who is the mentor this season, had hinted at Minnie and her team bullying contestants into voting as per their plans. Refuting the tag, she said, “No we weren’t being bullies at all. Everyone is there to play the game and it was our plan to chuck one among Surbhi (Rana) and Kriti out. We really wanted Nishkarsh to be safe and so wanted him to get the immunity. Bullying and dadagiri will never work on Roadies as there’s a lot of other elements involved.”

Minnie also added that she was lucky to find some like-minded people in Roadies. She said, “Shruti (Sinha) and Shubhada (Nishtala) are now friends for life. I wish we had connected with Shubhada earlier and not spent our time on bonding with Kriti. I would never want to see Kriti’s face ever and I will not go for any show, event or party where I know she might be present.”

Minnie Rohilla also picked her choice as the Roadies Xtreme winner. She stated, “Nishkarsh deserves to win as he is very strong and has a calm mind that can help him throughout.”

Sharing that she did Roadies only for her mom, Minnie said, “I was always a happy corporate girl. But mom wanted me to try for the show. After three years, I managed to get through. Though I had quit my job for Roadies, I think I will now get back to the same life soon.”


Roadies Xtreme airs every Sunday at 7 pm on MTV. While Rannvijay Singh returned to the show as a mentor, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa and Raftaar are the gang leaders.