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Rising Star 3 finale highlights: Aftab Singh wins Colors reality show

Rising Star 3 winner: Aftab Singh took home the Rising star trophy and Rs 10 lakh.

Rising Star season 3’s finale was telecast on Colors.

Punjab’s Aftab Singh on Saturday emerged as the winner of Rising Star season 3. Aftab took home the Rising star trophy and Rs 10 lakh. Diwakar Sharma was declared the first runner-up. He took home Rs 5 lakh.

The singing reality show aired for nearly three months. It premiered on March 16 earlier this year. The show was hosted by Bollywood playback singer Aditya Narayan. Music director-singer Shankar Mahadevan, singer Neeti Mohan and actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh were the judges on the show.

Amid the crowded musical reality show market, Rising Star distinguished itself due to its unique format.

The reality show followed the format of the Israeli singing competition HaKokhav HaBa in that audiences were able to vote for their favourite contestants through Voot even as the show was on air. The original Israeli version has also spawned adaptations in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Hungarian, Greek, Indonesia among others.

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Meet the winner of Rising Star Season 3

Aftab Singh takes home Rising Star trophy and Rs 10 lakh

Aftab Singh wins Rising Star 3 with a record-breaking 89% votes. The judges Shankar Mahadevan, Diljit Dosanjh and Neeti Mohan join him on the stage as he is handed the trophy and a cheque of Rs 10 lakh. Runner-up Diwakar Sharma also joins in the celebration.

Aftab Singh wins Rising Star Season 3

Judge Diljit Dosanjh also urges the audience to vote for Aftab Singh. The youngest finalist chooses “Tharki Chokra” for his final act. He has already crossed 82% votes and will be the winner of the show. Seeing his score level reach 88%, judge Diljit Dosanjh couldn’t stop himself and joins Aftab Singh on the stage.

Will Aftab Singh garner more than 82% votes?

The ever-smiling Aftab Singh takes his place on the Rising Star stage to perform for the very last time. He will have to garner more than 82% votes to win the show. As viewers log in to Voot to vote for the winner, Aftab thanks them for their support.

Sanjay Sateesh is out of Rising Star Season 3

Diljit Dosanjh congratulates Sanjay Sateesh for his musical journey as he leaves the show. The judges appreciate his talent and wish him all the best. Once again, 12-year-old Aftab Singh is under pressure as his performance will decide who will be the ultimate winner of Rising Star 3. Who are you guys rooting for?

Diwakar Sharma garners 82% votes

Diwakar Sharma not only raises the wall but garners 82% votes for his melodious performance. Will Aftab Singh manage to beat his score or will Diwakar win the show with this score? The judges once again give him a 'tutari' tribute.

Diwakar Sharma sings "Ramta jogi"

The judges and his parents also urge the audience to vote for Diwakar Sharma and make him the winner. The visually impaired singer sings "Ramta jogi".

Will Diwakar Sharma get more than 76% votes?

Tutari topper Diwakar Sharma will perform next. He appeals to the audience for votes and says he will give more than 100 percent in this act. He will sing behind the wall and will need more than 76% votes to reach the next level.

Udit Narayan sings "Papa Kehte Hai"

Udit Narayan shares that he is upset only one will take home the trophy. According to him, all three - Abhishek, Diwakar and Aftab deserve to win. Adiya asks Udit to sing "Papa Kehte Hai" as a tribute to the supporting fathers of the finalists.

Hemant Brijwasi performs

Rising Star 2 winner Hemant Brijwasi is here to perform and ease out the competitive mood. He sings “Kar Har Maidan Fateh” and dedicates it to the three finalists. Hitting the right notes, Hemant proves why India picked him as the winner last year.

Sanjay Sateesh gets 76% votes

Junior 'Shankar Mahadevan' Sanjay Sateesh's powerful act gets him 76% votes. It would be tough for the other finalists Aftab Singh and Diwakar Sharma to beat the score.

Sanjay Sateesh croons “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”

Sanjay Sateesh's parents and best friend Diwakar Sharma pray hard as Sanjay croons “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”.

Judges can no longer vote

Sanjay Sateesh is all set to perform. The young boy thanks the audience for always supporting him. He urges the audience to continue voting for him. Diljit advises him to just have fun in his last performance. Also, in this round, judges won't have a chance to vote.

Sanjay, Diwakar and Aftab go to the next round

Even after re-tallying the scores, host Aditya Narayan says they couldn't decide on who among Sanjay Sateesh and Aftab Singh will go to the next level. Judge Shankar Mahadevan requests the makers to allow all three to go for the next round.

Aftab Singh ties with Sanjay Sateesh

It is getting interesting. 12-year-old Aftab Singh ties with Sanjay Sateesh on 90% votes. The judges are confused about what to do next. Diljit Dosanjh suggests that all three get an opportunity to go to the next level. Aditya asks for a break to tally the scores again.

Aftab Singh sings "Aahun Aahun"

The young kid attempts popular song "Aahun Aahun" and gets the audience to dance on his electrifying performance. The numbers on his meter rise but will he manage to cross the 90% mark?

Aftab Singh thanks Rising Star

Punjab's Aftab Singh is in tears as a video is showcased where Aditya Narayan took him shopping. The young boy comes from a humble background and he couldn't stop his tears thanking Rising Star for changing his life. His father also takes the opportunity to appeal for votes from the audience.

 Aditya Narayan promotes Choti Sarrdaarni

Aditya Narayan is promoting another upcoming Colors show Choti Sarrdaarni.

All eyes are on Aftab Singh

All eyes are on 12-year-old Aftab Singh. Will he manage to beat Sanjay Sateesh's score to reach the next level or will he bow out of the competition with this performance?

Aditya Narayan promotes Khatra Khatra Khatra

Aditya Narayan now takes the opportunity to promote his show Khatra Khatra Khatra. The fun reality show that also stars Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa will air a special episode on Sunday. The episode will see an integration of Dance Deewane, that will launch on June 15. Judge Madhuri Dixit will perform a fun act with Bharti Singh in the 'dhamaka episode' tomorrow.

Neeti Mohan and Udit Narayan perform

Judge Neeti Mohan now takes the stage and croons her popular songs. She is also accompanied by Udit Narayan, as the two sing peppy Bollywood numbers.

Aditya Narayan promotes Shakti

Host Aditya Narayan now promotes another Colors show Shakti.

Abhishek Saraf is out of Rising Star Season 3

Abhishek Saraf's soulful performance on the KK song gets him 79% votes. The judges, throughout his act, stood and cheered for him. Unfortunately, his scores are not enough to take him to the next level. As the team bids him an emotional farewell, Sanjay Sateesh and Diwakar Sharma continue to be in the race for the final.

Abhishek Saraf sings "Alvida"

Abhishek Saraf's father appeals to the audience to support his son. The young man who is known as the versatile king chooses the song "Alvida" for his final act. He will be singing behind the wall and would need more than 90% votes to reach the next level.

Abhishek Saraf's sacrifice

Next up is Solapur's Abhishek Saraf. Through a laser act, Abhishek's life story is presented on how his father was against his singing aspirations. The act also shows how he let go of his engineering final exams against his father's wishes and chose Rising Star. His father had a change of heart after seeing his fabulous performances and the love Abhishek received from the judges and audience.

Deepika Singh promotes Kawach Mahashivratri

Aditya Narayan thanks 'Shankar Narayan' and 'Udit Mahadevan' for their amazing performance. He then connects with Sandhya (Deepika Singh) on a video call, as she promotes her horror series Kawach Mahashivratri.

Shankar Mahadevan and Udit Narayan croon each other's songs

It's now time to hear the two 'Padma' awardees Shankar Mahadevan and Udit Narayan. And in a first-of-sorts, the two sing each other's songs. While Shankar croons “Main nikla gaddi le ke” and “Mitwa”, Udit mesmerises all with “Pretty woman” and "Sabse aage honge Hindustani”.

Tough task for Aftab Singh and Abhishek Saraf

It's going to be tougher for the next two performers Aftab Singh and Abhishek Saraf. They will have to now perform behind a wall and it will only go up if they manage to beat Sanjay Sateesh's votes.

Sanjay Sateesh's performance gets him 90% votes

Impressed by Sanjay Sateesh's performance, Shankar Mahadevan, Diljit Dosanjh and Neeti Mohan go up on the stage to congratulate him. Shankar also gives him the special 'tutari' tribute. Sanjay's performance gets 90% votes, very close to Diwakar Sharma's votes. But will this be enough for Sanjay to beat the others and reach the next level?

Sanjay Sateesh sings “Maa Tujhe Salaam”

Udit Narayan congratulates the two friends and praise their bonding. A shadow act presents Sanjay Sateesh's journey of how he was ridiculed for his dark skin tone. And how he found escapism in music and managed to reach the Rising Star stage with his talent. With Diwakar's good wishes, junior Shankar Mahadevan, Sanjay, takes the stage and sings “Maa Tujhe Salaam”.

Diwakar Sharma-Sanjay Sateesh's friendship

Diwakar Sharma's good friend Sanjay Sateesh will perform next. A special video is being screened celebrating their friendship. Diwakar and Sanjay open up about how important they are for each other. The besties also say that there's no competition between them. They also say that they will miss each other post the show. Sanjay and Diwakar also take some friendship vows that will help them stay connected always.

Diwakar Sharma's performance gets him 91% votes

Diwakar Sharma's performance gets him 91% votes. Diwakar, who already won maximum 'tutaris' from judge Shankar Mahadevan, once again gets the special recognition for his heart-rendering act. But will Diwakar's 91% help him win a spot on the golden chair? Only the other performances will tell.

Diwakar Sharma croons “Bulleya”

Aditya Narayan speaks to Diwakar Sharma's father, who urges fans to vote for him. He also says that winning Rising Star would become a turning point in Diwakar's life. As viewers login to vote, Diwakar croons “Bulleya” in the first round.

Feel Crew showcases Diwakar's journey

The first contestant to perform is Diwakar Sharma. But before that popular dance troupe Feel Crew showcases Diwakar's journey through an emotional act. The performance leaves everyone moved while Diwakar gears up to take the stage.

Judges will only have 3 percent votes

Host Aditya Narayan announces the first round of finale, where the contestants will perform to reach the golden chair. Only two contestants will reach to the next level, while two will get eliminated in this round. The judges will only have 3 percent votes with them individually.

Udit and Aditya Narayan perform

Udit Narayan makes an entry singing his son's song “Tattad Tattad”. The father-son duo performs the powerful song. Udit also pulls his son's leg.

Udit Narayan is here!

Aditya Narayan introduces the special guest Udit Narayan onto the show. Aditya mimics his father Udit, which gets him lot of appreciation from the audience.

Rising Star Season 3 finale begins

Host Aditya Narayan greets the audience. The finalists come on stage to perform "Khali Bali" and other popular songs. It is a grand opening act.

Rising Star Season 3 finale voting

Colors TV tweeted, "Janta, you have a very important role to play tonight on the #RisingStar3GrandFinale. Our experts @neetimohan18, @Shankar_Live & @diljitdosanjh will have only 3% votes tonight. That means 91% of the votes are with you! Log on to @justvoot at 9 pm to make sure your vote counts"

Diwakar Sharma's journey so far

Here is a look at the journey of Rising Star 3 finalist Diwakar Sharma.

Rising Star Season 3's finale will be telecast on Colors at 9 pm. If you are on the move and miss the episode, there is always Voot, Viacom 18's streaming service. The episode will be available to watch on Voot after it has been aired on Colors.