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Rejected Shark Tank India pitcher tells Ashneer Grover to ‘apply his mind’, lashes out at Aman Gupta’s arrogance

A Shark Tank India candidate took to Twitter to air grievances about the show's format, and targetted certain 'sharks' for their behaviour towards him.

shark tankAshneer Grover on Shark Tank India.

An entrepreneur whose pitch wasn’t aired on Shark Tank India took to Twitter to air his grievances about the show’s format, and in particular the behaviour of a couple of ‘sharks’ or investors. Akshay Shah, the fouder/CEO of a company called iWeb, which ‘digitizes universities and colleges on a unique FREEMIUM Model and monetizes on a B2B2C SaaS enabled marketplace play’, wrote a Twitter thread detailing the pitching process on the show, and why he feels he was treated unfairly.

He finished his thread, posting last week, by promising to return on the show not as an entrepreneur, but as a ‘shark’.

He wrote that the rehearsal process for pitches takes two days, and that he got an inkling that he was being given less respect when his rehearsal was scheduled at the end of both days, just for 10 minutes. The pitch itself could not exceed three minutes, and had to be presented in Hindi.

He said that Ashneer Grover’s response to him presenting data about his business was, “Data to Kilo ke bhaav main Chandni Chowk pe bikta hai!” He responded in his Twitter thread, “Our data is qualified student data on which we run intelligent AI for our marketplace partners. If you applied a little bit of mind and shown a little more patience you could have got that. Anyways, his whimsical reason to pass on us was that we do not have a Mobile app, when I explained him in Hindi as English was not permitted on the show that my application is responsive and a web app so I need not have individual mobile app as my primary customer is the University stakeholders and not the student he did not buy that argument maybe due to his poor tech sense. Be whatever, we found his reason really amusing!”


Moving on to Namita Thapar, the entrepreneur wondered why she was taking up space on the panel if she was going to pass on every tech business because she didn’t have an understanding of the marketplace.

The entrepreneur was taken aback by Aman Gupta’s comments about the name of his business, and wrote that he wasn’t there to ‘take brand name approval from’ him. He added, “If someday tables turn, I will ask him the same question in the same arrogant tone and with the same expression he did that to us. I mean, we are in Shark Tank, selected from over thousands of applicants so the channel and their team would have done some due diligence, right?”

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The entrepreneur finished his thread by saying that he was doing this for the benefit of others like him. “My personal advise is better to pitch / apply to an accelerator / incubator as they will do something more focussed and better. Here my personal opinion is that you will encounter a lot of jhoomla and arrogance,” he wrote.

First published on: 09-02-2022 at 03:49:05 pm
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