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Rajeev Sen says Charu Asopa is playing the ‘woman card’: ‘She has used our daughter to gain views on YouTube’

Rajeev Sen said Charu Asopa is using their daughter to gain views on her YouTube channel. He also said that she was playing the 'woman card'.

Charu Asopa- Rajeev SenRajeev Sen and Charu Asopa are ready to dissolve their marriage. (Photo:Rajeev Sen/ Instagram)

Actor Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s marriage has been on the rocks for a few months now and as per the latest vlog on Rajeev’s YouTube channel, the two are ready to dissolve their marriage. Rajeev said that his daughter Ziana “has been taken away” from him as he addressed some allegations by Charu.

Rajeev started his vlog by saying that Charu showed her “immaturity” by claiming that he was using their daughter’s name for gaining views. Instead, he alleged, it was Charu who was using their daughter to gain views. “If we talk about content, I think Charu has used our daughter a lot as content to gain views,” he said.

Talking about their divorce, Rajeev said, “Me and Charu are parting ways. Papers etc everything is ready, we just have to sign it. The date is also out. We are no longer together. But I am trying that we are there for our daughter.”

Rajeev said that he wanted Charu to take a break from YouTube so they could focus on their daughter but Charu chose otherwise. “I told Charu a long time ago, when we were on talking terms, that if you really love our daughter, let’s take a break from YouTube for six months and let’s focus on our daughter rather than putting her on the camera all the time. Anyway, that didn’t happen. If you can’t quit YouTube and if you don’t want to have that approach then it’s okay, everyone has their own way of thinking,” he said.

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He then challenged Charu to make vlogs without their daughter. “Why don’t you make vvlogs without her? Show her face once in a blue moon and we’ll see if your views increase or not. Obviously they won’t increase,” he said.

He added that Charu was playing the “victim card and woman card.” “It’s very easy to defame a guy in today’s world. Not all men are wrong. I can vouch for this that a lot of men have been innocently targetted for just being too transparent and too frank. Because they don’t know how to manipulate,” implying that Charu has been falsely accusing him.

Charu had previously said that Rajeev was having an affair and maligned her image in public when he accused her of having an affair.

First published on: 01-12-2022 at 15:17 IST
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