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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother: Rahul Vaidya used nepotism jibe to gain public sympathy

According to Jaan Kumar Sanu's mother Rita Bhattacharya, Rahul Vaidya brought up the nepotism topic to pull her son down, knowing that he has been doing well in the competition.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: October 28, 2020 9:31:22 pm
kumar sanu, jaan kumar sanu, bigg boss 14Jaan Kumar Sanu is the youngest son of Kumar Sanu and Rita Bhattacharya. (Photo: Jaan Kumar Sanu/Instagram)

The latest nomination process in Bigg Boss 14 has triggered a debate about nepotism. Rahul Vaidya nominated Jaan Kumar Sanu on Monday, giving the reason that the latter is on the show only because he is Kumar Sanu’s son. Vaidya mentioned that he is strictly against nepotism and given Jaan has no achievements to his credit, he doesn’t deserve to be on the show.

Jaan, in his own way, tried to reason with Vaidya. He even went on to reveal that he has been brought up by his mother single-handedly as his parents separated months before he was born. The housemates too backed Jaan and pulled up Rahul for bringing up the nepotism topic in the Bigg Boss house.

Last night, Rahul Vaidya again took a jibe at Jaan Kumar Sanu, and asked him to behave himself, given he has his father’s name to protect. Upset over the constant poking, Jaan was seen crying his heart out. He even announced that more than Kumar Sanu, he is his mother Rita Bhattacharya’s son.

The doting mother is also worried and upset over whatever transpired in Bigg Boss 14. Rita Bhattacharya uploaded a video on Jaan Kumar Sanu’s Instagram page to talk about the incident. She also had a message for Rahul Vaidya who, according to her, passed the nepotism comment due to his insecurity.

Rita started by sharing that everything was going well for three weeks, and it’s surprising how Rahul brought up the topic now. She said that if he indeed had a problem with Jaan being on the show, why didn’t he speak up on the first day. According to Jaan’s mother, Rahul used the opportunity to pull her son down, knowing that he has been doing well in the competition. She even referred to the music task that happened a few days back, and said that even when Rahul lost to Jaan, he did not mention anything about him being Kumar Sanu’s son.

“I really don’t understand why hit him now with his matter? Also, I want to tell everyone that Jaan is not a product of nepotism. He has worked hard and trained for years to become what he is today. He is on Bigg Boss so that he can show his talent to the world, and make his mark. The remark by Rahul Vaidya was really uncalled for, and it has left me really hurt,” said Rita Bhattacharya, looking visible upset in the video.

She went on to say if Jaan Kumar Sanu had used his father’s name, he would have been in Bollywood by now. Sharing that he holds a record for being the youngest singer to release an album, Jaan’s mother added that her son has been meeting with several music composers to get a break. Rita Bhattacharya also added that it was only Jaan who tried to befriend Rahul, and he could not respect his efforts.

“I haven’t seen one contestant who has supported Rahul. I am thankful to everyone for being so nice to my son. Whoever is on the show realised that it was just an excuse to nominate Jaan. However, I still feel he shouldn’t have said that. Everyone has worked hard to reach on a big platform like Bigg Boss. You cannot let your insecurities come across this way,” she mentioned.

Stating that Rahul Vaidya not just insulted her son but also his father Kumar Sanu, Rita added that no child will ever be comfortable when their parents’ names are used against them. She added that Rahul should learn to respect elders and the hard work of his colleagues.

She concluded, “With just one word, he pulled down my son and his years of hard work. If it was actually nepotism, all my children would have been singers. My elder two sons are doing well in other professions. This talent is a gift from God to Jaan, and it’s disheartening to see him being rebuked this way. If you don’t like him, say that honestly. He just used the word to gain public sympathy. But I would request everyone to please not pay heed to this at all.”

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Apart from Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother, actor Karan Patel also criticised Rahul Vaidya. On his Instagram story, he mentioned, “One word to describe Rahul Vaidya- disgusting.” Sara Gurpal, who exited the show a few days back also wrote on Twitter, “#JaanKumarSanu kabhi b apne dad k sath nhe rhe .Unhone khud bola tha ki mei apni pehchan banana chahta hu apni #Mom ki proud kerna chahta hu.I really wish wo apni pehchan bnay.”

Former Bigg Boss contestants Priya Malik and Kamya Punjabi also questioned Vaidya’s actions. Kamya tweeted, “Nepotism? Seriously? Oh no @rahulvaidya23 this was so not required! Yaar sidhe sidhe #Nikki keh deta 😅 #bb14 @ColorsTV. Welldone #JaanKumarSanu hope u dont go back to her now!” Priya shared that Jaan is a much better singer than Rahul, and also a better person. She also added that she can’t wait to see him shine. However, VJ Andy, who was a contestant in season 7, shared that Jaan wouldn’t be recognised without his father’s name. He posted on Twitter, “@rahulvaidya23 always gets too nasty! But Jayesh Battercharia aka @jaankumarsanu wouldn’t be recognised without adding his father name to his own. Unfortunately #JaanKumarSanu was brought up by his mother. So she should get all the credit for his success! I feel for his mom.”

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