Divya Agarwal on Priyank Sharma talking about his ex-girlfriend in Bigg Boss 11: I feel cheated

While Priyank Sharma got an opportunity to enter Bigg Boss 11 house, Divya Agarwal, like a loving girlfriend cheered for him and supported him throughout. But all seems not to be well in their paradise anymore.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: November 5, 2017 6:00:25 am
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From the time Splitsvilla 10 launched, there’s one couple that has received maximum attention – Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal. The couple, who madly fell in love with each other, and stood strong throughout the show, interestingly also were together even after it. While Priyank got an opportunity to enter Bigg Boss 11 house, Divya, like a loving girlfriend cheered for him and supported him throughout. But all seems not to be well in their paradise anymore. While Priyank refrained from using Divya’s name even once in the show, the recent uncut videos showed Hina and other housemates tease Priyank with a girl, he mentioned is studying in USA. Time and again, Priyank projected that he is in a long-distance relationship with this girl for a long time. The secret lover is Priyank’s supposed ex-girlfriend and with their love story getting focus, Divya has been left shattered and broken. Feeling cheated, Divya opened up exclusively to indianexpress.com and shared her ordeal at being projected as the girl, who imagined being in a relationship with Priyank. She also told us how she wants to have a word with him immediately to get her mental state sorted.

I feel totally cheated

I know that time changes everything and I was a fool to be sticking to our old times but I completely feel cheated today. I have been supporting him from Splitsvilla to his Bigg Boss days and this is what I get in return. I feel whatever he told me in person was all a sham till today. As mature individuals, we had decided to not keep on talking about it but then he hasn’t spoken once about me on the show and his ex-girlfriend has become the center of all his conversation. As these things are sinking in, I realise that the media had guessed this outcome and had thus been asking about our relationship time and again.

I want to question him about our relationship

This is too shocking and I don’t want to get into a conclusion before a clarification. When he came out of the house, I was in China, and he was in Delhi, so we couldn’t meet. But we had our normal couple talks. I don’t know if the ex was present in Delhi and they reignited their relationship or what. There are so many questions that I have for him. I hope I get a chance to go in the show or talk to him over the phone, so that things are clearer for me.

It was stupid of me to fight for him

I feel so stupid to have been defending him all this while. With rumours of his relationship with Vikas Gupta or his link-up with Hina Khan and Benafsha Soonawalla, I stood by him and fought for him. Now I have nothing to tell people who are shocked seeing his real self inside the house.

He is getting too close to Hina and Benfasha

I trusted my man but seeing him get so close to Hina and Benafsha is very embarrassing. Even I have male friends but I know my limits and code of ethics. When you are in a relationship, you can’t have such a body language with other girls. As for me, I have been sticking to him from day one and seeing him like this, I have my doubts about what he is up to.

My parents are also disturbed

Not just friends and media, I am also answerable to my parents, who are shocked at his behaviour. My parents are a fan of Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss, and wanting to understand the man I love, they watch Bigg Boss religiously. Now they are concerned and worried about me and I have nothing to tell them.

He is not the Priyank I know

It’s not just a relationship that is at stake but friendship, brotherhood and his respect. Whatever Arshi Khan has done or however she behaves, Priyank had no business to disrespect a woman. Trust me, he is not the Priyank we all know, I don’t know why he is doing it. If all this is just a strategy, then it’s a foolish one and it won’t take him anywhere.

People warned me about him

Honestly, my Splitsvilla contestants Akash Chaudhary and Hritu Zee have time and again told me that I shouldn’t trust him. So many people tried to warn me against him but I was blinded by love.

I still hope he can clear my doubts

When you are in a deep relationship, you find reasons to stay. Even when I am seeing things going wrong, there’s still a lingering thought in my mind that he might be able to clear all my doubts. I guess only when he tells me that we are no more together will I accept it. And I don’t know how will I react on that.

Receiving all the backlash in his absence

I am receiving backlash that I was the one who faked our relationship to bank on his popularity. I have worked more than him in the industry and I don’t need him for my career. As a woman, it is really affecting me to hear all this. When people loved him, they liked me too and now that he has turned evil, they think I am also like him. The saddest part is that among us, I am the only one who has to go through it as he is locked inside the house.

My work and mental state is getting affected

I had my work shoots and I was so much into calls and messages trying to sort the situation that I couldn’t even concentrate. It’s affecting me a lot and I hope things get sorted out soon. I have few projects in hand and I really want to concentrate on it.

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