Pratyusha could not handle being called prostitute by her father: Rahul Raj Singh

Rahul Raj Singh, Pratyusha Banerjee's boyfriend speaks to media about how his name is being dragged into her suicide case.

Written by Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 5, 2016 3:43:43 pm
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Balika Vadhu actor Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh finally broke his silence over the alleged suicide of his girlfriend. His reaction comes in response to the various reports ever since the transcript of Pratyusha’s last conversation with him got revealed. has a copy of the transcript and in the three-minute long conversation, Pratyusha was heard complaining about being pushed into ‘prostitution’.

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In an interview with, actor-entrepreneur Rahul’s version of the story looks a tad different. Read on to know what all he said.

1. The story published is imaginary.
“Everything published in Mumbai Mirror is a story told to them by some small-time lawyer who does not know about the law. Whoever has done this, is against the judiciary system of India.”

2. Rahul has the charge sheet with him, which raises doubts about the role of Pratyusha’s parents in the suicide.
“I have the charge sheet with me for quite a few months now. I never came out with it as I never wanted to be disrespectful towards the honorary court. But when today dirty games are being played, I have to bring out the truth behind the entire matter. Pratyusha was upset about her father calling her a prostitute. No girl can take her father calling her a prostitute. I calmed her down and told her not to take any of this on her head. But, she refused to calm down as it was a comment from her father and nobody else.”

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3. A person who is not alive to give clarifications is being tagged as characterless.
“It is very sad if somebody puts down the name of somebody who is no more. Today in the headlines she is being tagged a prostitute, she is not here to tell people that she is not a prostitute.”

4. Her parents are not the only one who can talk in the media.
“This is not an open pitch where they can bowl out a person even when he is not out there batting. Today I am here to bat. And I am no lesser a player. I play well.”

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5. Rahul took her to the hospital and stayed there for three hours.
“I did everything I could to save her. I gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation, took her to the hospital and stayed there for three hours. I left from there after handing over her body to her uncle. If I would have stayed there any longer I would have lost my temper. I would have bashed the face of all the fake people who were there showing their fake concern. Where were these concerned people when Pratyusha needed them?”

6. Rahul was clueless about the pressure Pratyusha’s family was putting on her for alleged flesh trade.
“I never had a clue. If I had, I would have definitely done something. But as she was the only source of income for her family, so you cannot say anything. Her mom even called to help her with her loans. It is difficult to understand the fact of what has happened or what would have happened. We were happy in our relationship. But since not much time passed since we started dating so at that time I could not peep into her personal life.”

7. Rahul had planned to take Pratyusha to a counsellor to bring her out of depression.
“We took the appointment from a counsellor but before we could meet the doctor, she took the big step.”

Pratyusha’s parents have accused Rahul of abetting the suicide of their daughter. But Rahul has a different story to tell. The case does not seem to be heading for a closure anytime soon.

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