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Monday, January 20, 2020

Neha Shitole: Bigg Boss Marathi 2 is a great platform to showcase my personality

Neha Shitole gained international recognition after playing constable Katekar's dominating wife in Sacred Games. Before entering the show, Neha, in an exclusive chat with, revealed why participating in Bigg Boss Marathi 2 was important for her.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: June 18, 2019 5:29:04 pm
Neha Shitole Neha Shitole has been making her presence felt on Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2.

Things are getting interesting on Mahesh Manjrekar-hosted Bigg Boss Marathi 2. In a sudden twist, on Saturday, Shivani Surve was asked to leave the show due to her rude behaviour. Heena Panchal was then welcomed as the first wild card contestant.

This week, we also saw Neha Shitole making her mark in the tasks. Her emotional outburst at Shivani’s ousting also pulled at many heartstrings.

The popular Marathi actor gained international recognition after playing constable Katekar’s dominating wife in Sacred Games. Before entering the show, Neha, in an exclusive chat with, revealed why participating in Bigg Boss Marathi 2 was important for her.

Excerpts from the conversation:

How did Bigg Boss Marathi 2 happen?

I really have no idea why they felt I was a good choice for the show. As for me, I took this up as a big opportunity to showcase my personality to the world. All this while, I have either played negative roles, comic ones or a woman from a rural area. Even in Sacred Games, I played Katekar’s wife, who is a simple housewife. In real life, I am very different. I am a modern girl and that’s what the audience will get to see through the show. Also, it was a good opportunity to know different kinds of people and deal with them. That’s how one grows in life.

Do you feel your presence in Sacred Games will make you a popular contestant?

Absolutely. Everyone loved Katekar and sympathised with his wife. I got tremendous love for the character not just from the Indian audience but from different corners of the world. Everyone loved the series and would definitely be curious about my participation in Bigg Boss. But this is a Marathi series and I am concerned if the regional audience will like me or not.

Had you followed the last season? Any favourites?

I really liked Resham Tipnis and Pushkar Jog. Pushkar played a gentleman’s game. He was brave, very upfront yet so polite. I loved Resham for the way she carried herself. She spoke through her heart and I could relate to her personally.

Resham also raised eyebrows over her close bond with co-contestant Rajesh Shringapore. What if someone also gets attracted to you in the show?

(Laughs) I am a happily married woman, and I love my husband. I have enough love in my life, so I don’t need to seek it in the show. I also have a loving family, though I won’t deny that the contestants will turn out to be an extended family. So if any love comes in the form of friendship, I am okay with it.

How prepared are you for the numerous tasks and household chores?

I am quite prepared. I am a very adventurous person and would love doing the tasks. As for household work, I love cooking. And I am used to doing chores, so it wouldn’t be an issue as such.

Why should the audience vote for you?

Well, they will see me fighting for myself. I am also a task doer, who will give my 100 percent. I am a speaker and do not fear voicing my opinions. I am a person who will not hesitate to tell people when they are wrong and would even go to lengths to praise them when they do good.

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