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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Nagin 2, 8th April 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi kills Nidhi Chachi to take revenge

Nagin 2, 8th April 2017 full episode written update: Yamini and Sesha kill Shivangi's sister Gautami

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: April 8, 2017 9:34:42 pm


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Shivangi takes Nidhi chachi to the shiv temple to kill her. She chants Om and all the snakes gather in Shiv temple. Sesha and Yamini reach the temple and see that Nidhi is killed. Sesha does antim sanskar of Nidhi and leaves for home. Sesha says that she knows who is Rudra’s partner and that it is Shivangi. She further says that Shivangi has a mission and that is the reason she is killing her mother’s killers one by one. Yamini doesnt believe in all this. But, Sesha says that today’s night will be special. Rocky is trying to find a baba in the market. He asks a shopkeeper about baba and he sees that a snake has rolled up on his feet. Baba arrives and tells Rocky that his enemy is in his own house. Rocky insists Baba to come to his house to sort his problems. Shivangi takes Gautami’s dead body to Guru ji and completes her last ceremonies. Rocky brings Baba home and he tells everyone that there is icchadhari naag or naagin in the house. He checks everyone out but he couldn’t recognise icchadhari nagin (Sesha).

Shivangi enters the home and senses that something is wrong. Baba flashes his magical powers on the mirror and tells Rocky that whosoever will come in front of this mirror will showcase their real self. Baba says that there is some evil powers in the house which will come to light very soon. Sesha and Yamini go to Rocky. They ask them about any magical power given by Babaji to Rocky. Only then, Rocky says that he has a mirror which will help him show the real face of naag or naagin present in the house. Sesha comes in front of the mirror and she turns into naagin.

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Shivangi tells Rocky that she has dropped Gautami at the airport as she wanted to go to her friend’s house. Shivangi is restless wondering about why Baba came to the house. Just then Sesha enters the room and tells Shivangi that now she will get caught as Baba has given some magical powers to Rocky for capturing icchadhari naag or naagin. Shivangi says to herself that Rocky will support her to kill rest of the two killers of Shivanaya. Sesha says that today everyone will get to know who the real naagin is and Rocky will also get to know what the truth is. Yamini enters the room and tells Shivangi to go downstairs. Yamini is tensed that Sesha’s secret will be revealed. Sesha captures her magical powers for a few days and will act like a normal human being.

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