Naagin season two 9th October 2016 full episode written update: Aditya sees a naagin in the club

Shivangi agrees to marry Aditya while Rocky refuses engagement with Ruchika in the second episode of Naagin.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: October 10, 2016 9:01:47 am
Naagin, Naagin TV summary, Naagin summary, naagin 9th October, naagin 9th Oct update, naagin written update, television, india television, entertainment news, indian express Shivanya wants daughter Shivangi (Mouni Roy) to get married to Aditya.

Rocky tries waking up Shivangi as she faints in the storm. Rocky wonders what is with her that she affects him so much. Shivangi asks Karan to leave her and go and not to put his life in danger for her but he insists on staying and helping her too.

Shivanya cries in front of the photograph of Ritik and says that he left her alone with Shivangi’s responsibilities. She adds that she won’t let fate win and she will get Shivangi married within a month.

Police find Shivangi and Rocky in the jungle hugging each other, giving body heat to each other. Rocky’s badi mummy (Sudha Chandran) reaches the spot along with the policemen. She asks his friends about Shivangi but they have no clear idea about her, so she says that she is okay till Rocky is fine. Shivangi tries to apologise to Shivanya but she is adamant that Shivangi should get married as she wants to be freed from her responsibilities. She tells Shivangi that a guy is coming to meet her for marriage. Shivangi says she doesn’t want to get married this early but Shivanya says that her father is not with them anymore and she want to get rid of her responsibilities. She asks her to just meet the guy and not marry if she doesn’t like him.

Shivanya suddenly appears in front of Rocky in Ruchika’s avtar and he gets scared. He asks him what she was doing there. She picks up a scorpion from his shoulder and she says she is there to protect him. When Rocky leaves, she eats the scorpion. At Shivanya’s house at the rishta meeting, Shivangi’s friend suggests them to have a word alone with Aditya and they can go to the club for that. He agrees to take them to the club in the night.

As Shivangi reaches the club to meet Aditya, so do Rocky and Ruchika aka Shesha.

Shivangi doesn’t like the atmosphere there and feels uncomfortable. She leaves for the restroom.

Rocky asks Shesha that he doesn’t know anything about her so she should tell him about herself but she changes the topic. He again asks her about her age and she says 118 years but he laughs it off but starts seeing her wrinkled avatar. Shesha realizes this and gets back into her human form. Shesha goes to the dance floor and starts dancing but then she realizes that this tone is turning her into her original form, she goes to the DJ to change the music. The DJ starts flirting with her. Shesha responds to his flirting and takes him to a room. She then extends her arm and holds his neck till he dies.

Aditya enters into that room and witnesses this. Shesha extends her other arm and slaps him and asks him to leave. He runs for his life. Shivangi calls him but he apologises and says he can’t make it. At Rocky’s home during his birthday party, his badi mummy gives him a surprise by announcing his engagement with Shesha. Rocky says no to the engagement. Rocky says that he doesn’t love Ruchika and he doesn’t feel for her the way she feels for that girl. Shesha was present in the room in her nagin avtar.

In the next scene, Aaditya goes to Shivangi’s house and tells them what happened. Shivanya gets afraid thinking who that naagin is and if she is here to harm them. Shivanya says to him that these all are myths when Shivangi laughs at the story he told them. Shivanya tells Shivangi that Aditya is a decent boy and reminds her how important it is for her to get Shivangi married. She then asks if Shivangi likes him. When her friends ask her if she really likes him, she says that she can do anything to make her mom happy.

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