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Monday, April 19, 2021

Naagin season 2, 25th December 2016 full episode written update: Shivangi keeps a fast for Rocky

Naagin season 2, 25th December 2016 full episode written update: In Naagin season 2, Shivangi decides to fast for Rocky in order to avoid the divorce.

Written by Bhumika Sharma |
Updated: December 26, 2016 11:13:49 am
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The Naagin episode begins with Shivangi waiting for Rudra and gets worried when he is not there. She leaves for home. Yamini and Akhilesh have some discussion with Kapalika when she asks them to be silent as she has sensed that someone has entered the cave without her permission. We see that it is Shesha and Avantika. Shesha is about to attack Yamini, but she shows her the locket. Kapalika says that they will have to do a puja to find the naagmani. And this puja can be done by someone with the Suryavanshi mark on their body. Avantika says that Yamini will have to make Shivangi do the puja.

Next, we see Rocky worried about Shivangi when Shesha enters the room. He asks her why she is in the room and she asks him about Shivangi. Rocky loses his temper at her. Shesha cries and says that she just came to call them since Yamini is looking for them. Rocky apologises to her and hugs her. Rocky says that he is still adjusting in this marriage and that he loves Shivangi a lot. Shivangi hears this and feels confused about his feelings. Shesha leaves thinking that she will never let him be happy with Shivangi.

As Shivangi enters the room, Rocky asks her where she was for so long. He then tells her that he will freshen up and then they can announce her decision to the family. Rocky is tired of waiting for her answer and drags her out of the room saying that he will decide for both of them now. The entire family is waiting for the two downstairs. Shivangi is tensed as she doesn’t want a divorce before seeking revenge. Yamini announces that the women in the house will have to fast the next day as it is karvachauth and asks Rocky and Shivangi to sit for the puja. Rocky starts arguing with Yamini but Shivangi says that she will fast for him. Rocky follows Shivangi to their room demanding answers from her. She pushes him back and tells him that she won’t tolerate questions about her relationship with Rudra. She reminds him that he was ready to marry Ruchika within seven days of finding out about her death. She tells him off by saying that she won’t take blame for things she hasn’t done. She almost blurts that she still loves him and reminds herself that he is her mother’s murderer.

Then we see the buffalo man taking off his horns and saying that Rudra can never escape now. He keeps the horns in a chest. Shivangi wakes up in the middle of the night worried about Rudra and decides to step outside. Rocky pretends to sleep and gets up as soon as she leaves. He decides to follow her to find out the truth. She goes to the temple to ask Guruji to find out about Rudra’s whereabouts. They figure out Rudra’s location. Guruji then gives her some bhabhooti that she must put on the horns. He also forbids her from turning back. Rocky sees her in the temple and gets confused seeing her talking with someone. Guruji tells her that she only has time till tomorrow to rescue Rudra. She turns and finds Rocky at the temple. Shivangi introduces him to the Guruji as her husband. Guruji goes to get some charnamrit for Rocky when Rocky apologises to her. They pray before leaving when Shivangi wishes that he wasn’t the murderer of her mother. Rocky takes her back home and she wakes up in the morning and finds Rocky missing. When she is about to leave to find Rudra, Rocky comes with some food for her. Yamini gives Shivangi the sargi and blesses her.

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In the next scene, we see that Shivangi is trying to figure a plan somehow to get away from Rocky as they drive to the temple. She pulls the brake with her tail and Rocky goes to fix the car when she starts a tornado. Rocky is sitting the car trying to start it and asks Shivangi to run as far as possible and she obliges and gets caught in the tornado and disappears. Rocky tries to break the window but ends up hurting his hand and it starts bleeding. He manages to open the door and looks for Shivangi. The family is waiting for Shivangi and Rocky at the temple. Yamini is wondering where are the two of them.

Shivangi is about to fall in a pool of hot lava but somehow manages to save herself. She finds a bridge connecting the two mountains and loses all her powers. Shivangi somehow crosses the bridge and reaches the cave and someone keeps calling her name. She doesn’t turn remembering Guruji’s instructions. Just then, she gets attacked by bats and the bhabhoot falls off. She reaches the cave and gets it opened after praying to Shiv

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